1/6/2018: Per scientific polls ( see “Newsroom” on the front page of this site), we are currently in the lead in Republican primary polls. But for sure, we can use your financial assistance in this gubernatorial and Red Oregon quest! Your contribution is important and deeply appreciated!

Three important points:

  1. Because of internal campaign efficiencies (I am a professional business organization and telecommunication specialist), we will conduct a winning Primary campaign using perhaps one quarter of the total expenditures of all my primary challengers, combined. The same holds for next November’s general election against Kate Brown. Still, we need help! Your contribution will be spent super-efficiently.
  2. I am personally contributing a substantial amount to my campaign.
  3. As an Oregon taxpayer, your $50 donation won’t cost you a dime! You can give up to $50 per year (or $100 for jointly-filing couples) to an Oregon political party and receive the same amount as a credit subtracted from your Oregon state taxes. Taxpayers making under $100,000 per individual or under $200,000 for joint-filing couples are eligible.

To send by mail, make your check out to Friends of Sam Carpenter, and mail to Friends of Sam Carpenter, 141 NW Greenwood Ave, Suite 200, Bend, Oregon, 97703. Please include your email, phone, occupation and employer for reporting purposes. Thank you!