Adjustments in Meeting Agenda

Delegates: We’ve all received the agenda for the March 21st Central Committee Meeting in Portland, featuring elections for National Committeeman and National Committeewoman. There is nothing on the agenda that is more important.

This leadership vote really is a fork-in-the-road for the Party’s future.

With this letter, I am asking the ORP Chairman to make three agenda adjustments. If these adjustments are not publicly made prior to the meeting, expect motions from the floor.

To Chairman Bill Currier:

  1. Historically, electoral challenges to Executive Committee officers have been pushed to the end of the agenda. Not this time. Embarrassingly obvious to everyone: with the meeting held in Portland, by the time the elections are held late in the day some of our Delegates from eastern and southern Oregon will be on their way home and won’t be voting. And of course, the far-flung delegates from those regions tend to be more conservative than the Willamette Valley and Portland delegates. With the exception of the must-do preliminaries, there is no way elections should be held any time after lunch. I ask the EC to move the elections to mid-morning, perhaps as the last item before lunch, so that the ballots can be counted during lunch. No later.
  2. Challenger candidates get THREE minutes to make their presentations? More than a few Delegates will speculate that by keeping the presentation time ridiculously short, leadership is treating this election like the perfunctory rubber stamp they want it to be A sitting National Chairman and National Chairwoman gets four years to strut-their-stuff in front of the Central Committee, and every four years any challengers get five minutes to present an in-person alternative viewpoint? Our presentation allowance should be ten (10) minutes at a minimum.
  3. I want access to the audio-visual equipment during my presentation. My bet is the other candidates want that too.

It’s so obvious what is going on here. I’ll repeat word-for-word what someone with a long history of watching the Executive Committee told me just this weekend: They stack the deck, count the votes, maintain every possible edge, and use any means to get rid of anybody who is perceived as a threat to their positions within the party, while still saving face.  Everything is about maintaining party control.”

There is nothing unfair or manipulative in the three requests I list above. If you agree with me, put pressure on your leadership to urge the Chairman to make the above adjustments, publicly, before we gather on the 21st. We should try to avoid a confrontation at the beginning of the meeting.

-Sam Carpenter