We Have an (Awesome) Attorney General Nominee!

Daniel Crowe has filed for the Attorney General race. He stayed overnight at our house in Bend Sunday night where we chatted extensively, went back to his home in Mt. Angel Monday, thought about it for another day, and called us a few minutes ago to say that he just filed with the SOS this afternoon.

I had been talking to him about this possibility for the last month or so.

Daniel, 50, is a 26 year Army veteran and GET THIS: he’s a West Point Graduate AND a former Army Ranger — paratrooper and combat arms officer. Wow!

He ran for AG in 2016 and so he says he’s all warmed up for 2020!

He’s assertive, exactly what we need in an AG, and supports our President without equivocation (and you know how Diana and I are about that…).

MOGA2020 won’t be formally endorsing many candidates, with one of our toughest criteria being that we must be convinced that the candidate actually has a very good chance of winning. We’re quite sure Daniel will be in that group! More bio on Daniel coming soon. Stand by!