Point #120: Why Knute Buehler lost Portland (and the election)

December 10th, 2018

Buehler’s ultimate demise? Consider deep-Portland, where in some areas he tallied just 7% of the total vote. (How did THAT happen? His campaign office was in Tualatin, he catered to the Left, he thumbed his nose at his own base…and his travel bus and yard signs were oh-so-blue…).

Here it is: his lightweight-progressive, “I’m one of you!” stance was unconvincing enough, but it was his never-Trumper positioning that buried him in the metro-regions. Having long-ago painted himself into the anti-Trump corner, he couldn’t tap the solid subset of Democrat, Independent, Libertarian and unaffiliated voters who would have quietly voted for him if he had not disparaged the President.

Surveys show a good chunk of non-Republican voters support President Trump’s economic, national security and other policies.

A mere 10% better showing in the metro-areas, combined with a 95% backing of excited grassroots Republicans, would have won him the election.

Check this out: https://www.oregonlive.com/expo/news/erry-2018/12/7d868907cf5609/portlandarea-neighborhoods-kat.html

-An excerpt from my upcoming Book, “Making Oregon Great Again: The Grassroots Revitalization of the Oregon Republican Party (and the Defeat of the Ruling Class),” to be published January 3rd.

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