Point #89: They want to take our guns!

March 21th, 2018

“Don’t be silly. No one wants to take your guns,” says the radical progressive far-left…every time they want to take our guns.


The Second Amendment is under attack and we must act NOW. The gun-grabbing leftists have just introduced IP 42 – and it is truly disturbing. This initiative would put an outright ban of so-called “assault weapons” on the ballot. Its definition of an “assault weapon” is so broad it would LITERALLY ban virtually EVERY semi-automatic rifle in existence. And with some liberal interpretation from the courts, it could potentially ban virtually every semi-auto pistol – and even shotguns – as well.

Oh, and it gets worse…

Unlike other bans on “assault weapons” that have come and gone, this one does NOT grandfather in any existing firearms. Nope. If this passes, you will have 120 days to TURN IN YOUR GUNS, or risk becoming a felon.
To this, I have only one response, in two simple words:


The Second Amendment means what it says, and says what it means. Our founding fathers recognized the importance of a free citizenry’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms, not just for “duck hunting,” but to preserve the sacred and natural right to self-defense – against both common criminals and tyranny. That right SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.
Over the next few months, you will be bombarded with propaganda telling you we need to sign IP 42, “for the children.” Not me. I intend to preserve our Constitutional rights for my children, my grandchildren, and all our children – until the end of our Republic. SAY NO to IP 42!

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