Duped Yet Again: The Latest ORP Recall-Kate-Brown Scam

The Latest Recall-Kate-Brown Scam

August 31, 2020

I write this to all you let’s-recall-kate-Brown enthusiasts who are attempting to digest this latest failure.

Read for content.

Unencumbered by personal charisma, the Oregon Republican Party’s never Trumpers, Bill Currier and Solomon Yue (assisted by toady pals Reynolds, Grossman, Jones, Hoar, Honl, Horton, Danforth, Wyrick, Darnell, et al), have duped you yet again.

And you all look like fools…again.

No. Wait. We ALL look like fools again.

(And for the record, we feel horrible that so many of you volunteers worked so hard for nothing.)

Before continuing, I’ll remind you that these ORP leaders did nothing to support Donald Trump until January 2019 when, the following month, we challenged their leadership with a grass-roots, Trump-centric executive board slate (me, Wally Hicks, Gayle Ostgard, and Tracy Cheeseman).

Yes, the Central Committee rejected us in that election and now, thoroughly embedded, your ORP Executive Committee leadership is riding the Trump train for no more than their own survival, BS’ing you at-will.

Your Central Committee gave them a mandate to do whatever they want to do.

Of course, this Recall-Kate-Brown effort failed! In any case, no matter the outcome, the endeavor was a win-win-win for your corrupt state-level ORP…and you had bought into their BS hook, line and sinker…again.

You were similarly duped with last winter’s first ORP recall attempt, perfectly timed to get you to ignore the May Primary elections.

A carbon-copy of that first attempt, here’s exactly how this most recent recall scam unfolded:

First, for months your ORP Executive Committee bottom-feeders managed to successfully divert your attention from what was actually possible: removing the Democrat super-majorities in the legislature and making sure that truly competitive federal and statewide candidates such as  Cliff Bentz, Alek Skarlatos, Kim Thatcher, and Jeff Gudman get elected. And it’s not just the smoke-screening. Your ORP leadership has done nothing to help these candidates win in November.

(For you volunteers: imagine the election outcome in November if you had put the same time and energy into your own House and Senate district races…).

Second, in this most recent failure your leadership has successfully dispirited you just prior to the general election – precisely as they did with the first recall failure last spring, just before the primary elections. So, in your predictable disappointment, and notwithstanding that 96% of Oregon Republicans support Donald Trump,  lots of you won’t vote in November.

And third, in numerous posts that I published prior to the recall attempts (like this one: https://www.makeoregongreatagain.com/newsroom/will-there-be-another-attempt-to-recall-kate-brown/),  I carefully explained that a successful recall would be even worse than an unsuccessful one.

I’ve stayed silent throughout both of these ORP con-games because, of course, the ORP brass would have blamed me for the failures. (“Carpenter? Don’t listen to him. He’s a crazy guy!”)

For sure, Currier, Yue and their bunch are disappointed in my self-imposed silence because now they have no scapegoat.

And they lied to you yet again. Just two weeks ago Currier was explaining on Lars Larson that he had way more than enough signatures. He told the same lie last Spring, too.

If your ORP state-level leadership was composed of registered Democrats, they could not have been more effective in further obliterating our Oregon Republican Party.

So, today, August 31st, the ORP brass is fully exposed with no one to blame but themselves.

And don’t buy into the argument that the ORP leadership is naive and/or stupid. These recall ploys were deliberate from the get-go:  Carefully planned. Diabolically underhanded. And if you can’t swallow that, as you consider the state of Oregon Republicanism, simply look at where we stand in Salem. Our leadership has miserably failed us yet again, as they’ve been miserably failing us for two decades. Now get ready for the third decade.

Yes, they really did lie to you again. And they manipulated you again. And you bought into it again…and now here we all are, humiliated and defeated…again.

We tried so, so hard to warn you!

Here’s my prediction for the gubernatorial primary election in May 2022: the Republican nominee will be an ORP-approved never-Trumper RINO. Yes, and no question, he or she will lose in the general election in November 2022.

It will remain impossible for an unabashed Trump-supporting conservative to be nominated for a state-wide race because the ORP Executive Committee will not allow it.

Redistricting will soon begin, and now the Democrats have free-reign. Metaphorically speaking, Oregon’s future will resemble today’s mean streets of Portland.

Truth is, no matter their actual individual political party registrations, the state top-level ORP Executive Committee is essentially composed of never-Trumper Democrat Progressives. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. And by allowing them to stay in power, YOUR Central Committee has assisted them in their success in keeping Oregon a blue state for another decade.

Oh yes: In this coming February’s ORP executive elections, the same Central Committee will timidly re-elect the whole bunch of them again.

Hey. There’s solace in continuity, and in turning a blind eye to one’s own colossal mistakes…

Trump Republicans back east? They’re still laughing at us.

Donald Trump will win another four years in a landslide (I’ve been predicting that since January 2017), but Oregon is flat-out lost. Ultimately, over all these years, whose fault is it? One last time I’ll tell you: it’s your Republican leadership, specifically the ORP Executive Committee, preserved in power by their Central Committee sycophants.

Just like any other group-endeavor, political success or failure is all about top leadership, and yours is utterly corrupt.

So that’s IT for Diana and me. We really could have helped turn this state around, but we finally give up. We’ve found that mass fear and utterly blind loyalty are too-formidable.

We’re gone in early October, off to beautiful red-state Kentucky.