Making Oregon Great Again: Guide to The Grassroots Revitalization of the Oregon Republican Party (and the Defeat of the Ruling Class)

Published in January 2019, Making Oregon Great Again: Guide to the Grassroots Revitalization of the Oregon Republican Party (and the Defeat of the Ruling Class) lists the political myths we Oregonians must discard. And in a real-time true story, it chronicles how the nefarious 2018 Oregon Republican gubernatorial  primary campaign unfolded. For grassroots candidates, it’s a wide-open expose’ of what to do and what not to do when running for office. For everyone else, it’s an eye-opener on inside politics here in Oregon…and in pretty much every other “blue” state.

I suppose it must be said: This book is not about me and any disappointment I might have in losing the opportunity to be the governor of Oregon in 2019. (Diana and I have a wonderful life without me being governor!)

But we did indeed give 110% in trying to win the gubernatorial primary in the early months of 2018, so we don’t feel we somehow personally failed. But our major disappointment is for you, the 90% of all Oregon Republicans – and a whole lot of regular people from other parties, as well as the unaffiliated – who yet again have been dismissed by the Establishment powers-that-be, what we call the Ruling Class. Hence, this book…

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