Introductory Video for Sam Carpenter’s Gubernatorial Campaign

I’m Sam Carpenter, and although I ran for Governor and lost in the primary election, I’m still fully engaged in being part of the Great Oregon Turnaround.

I’ve made some adjustments here and there, but I’m leaving this site essentially as it was when I was running. The fundamentals don’t change and my positioning doesn’t change either.

As a resident of Oregon for over 40 years, I’ve watched mind-boggling change in every aspect of my Central Oregon region and throughout the rest of our beautiful state. And it’s painfully clear to me that many of these changes have not been for the better.

The time has come to Make Oregon Great Again!

I’m a CEO; a fixer and a builder. Over the last 33 years I’ve grown Centratel, my business in Bend, into one of the most successful and respected companies in its industry. I’m an author. My two books on systems and organization are best sellers. I’m a turn-around expert, specializing in repairing broken businesses. In the last eight years, my company has assisted over 500 businesses ranging from small “mom and pop’s,” to large corporations with annual revenues of hundreds of millions of dollars.

But I also have blue-collar roots. I’ve worked as a union man, managed heavy-construction crews, and dozens of other get-your-hands-dirty jobs. I’ve been a single father, working hard to make ends meet and to provide for and protect my children. I understand the real struggles so many Oregonians face, and I’m ready to take on this greatest of challenges: delivering power and prosperity back to the Oregonians who make this state work.

Join me, and together we CAN Make Oregon Great Again!