We’re Done

Updated June 21, 2020

We’ve decided it’s time to withdraw from Oregon politics. 

I’ll leave this page up for a while as a resource. We sincerely thank you for your support over the years.
-Sam and Diana Carpenter

If you followed the Second Congressional District race (election day was May 19th), here is our summary.

Donald Trump, Sam Carpenter
April 2016

Based in Bend, Oregon, we’re by far the largest and most trusted online political media source in Oregon. Our MOGA2020 Facebook and email subscriber base exceeds 100,000.

We regularly reach ten times as many Republican voters as the official Oregon Republican Party. 

Yes, we’re a conservative online juggernaut, and over the last year we’ve demonstrated it.

Will you join us?

With our daily updates, no-holds-barred reporting, and candidate endorsements, we break the latest news, move opinion, create group-momentum…and get people elected. And for sure, over the last year we’ve battered Oregon’s Democrat and Republican Ruling Class status quo.

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Here are the MOGA2020 fundamentals:

Sam and Diana Carpenter

Why MOGA2020 Matters:
The force IS with Us. We’re Republicans, but we stand for President Trump-supporting, limited-government grassroots voters of all political persuasions. Our ultimate goal?…Read more

MOGA2020’s Impact: The statistics
In 2020, Facebook is the one-on-one premier media communication platform for voters… the Oregon Republican Party’s voter engagement? The ORP does not reach even 1% of…Read more

Is this a war? Yes, let’s finally admit that we’re at battle. It’s the elite Ruling Class vs. the Grassroots .
Of course, there is no longer any question about the intentions of the irrational Democrat progressive Left. Their singular quest is for power. They truly don’t care about you…Read more

Next MOGA2020 Efforts.
As a project-based organization, what is our next effort? It’s to deliver Oregon’s seven electoral votes to Donald Trump on November 3rd AND especially to remove the current House and Senate Democrat Supermajorities in Salem. We will be…Read more

There Will be Trump Coattails this November…
Regular voters like you, are ON FIRE and…Read more

The Book
Making Oregon Great Again. Go here to download.

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