2020: Recruiting Candidates and The Path to the Oregon Red Trifecta*

Updated February 15, 2020

By Sam Carpenter

Welcome to the largest and most trusted online political media source in Oregon. We are Republicans but we stand for President Trump-supporting, limited-government grassroots voters of all political persuasions.

And if you are an Oregon Republican, note that numerous scientific polls consistently show that over 90% of our voter base supports our president.

The opposition? Let’s call them the “Ruling Class.” I’ll talk about them in a minute.

I’m Sam Carpenter and my wife Diana and I are regular everyday people just like you. There are already 100,000 Oregonians on-board our Make Oregon Great Again 2020 train, and online we’re reaching well over 300,000 conservative Oregonians every week. And lately, our subscriber growth has been astounding.

There is incredible power in our numbers!

Who am I? I’m a past Oregon US Senate and gubernatorial primary election candidate and the only Oregon politician to ever publicly endorse Donald Trump (via a press release in my 2016 US Senate campaign). However, I am not running for office in 2020 and for this election cycle I’m a political blogger/commentator. Here’s more about me. Diana is also all-in on Donald Trump and works alongside me in our effort to help return our state back to regular Oregonians.

Of course, there is no longer any question about the intentions of the irrational Democrat progressive Left. Their singular quest is for power. They don’t care about you and me and to add insult to injury, they don’t respect us either..

But is there a silver lining?

Yes! This deep-state arrogance opens up the door to a very special political pathway in 2020 and it hinges on joining forces and working together. The Democrat impeachment boondoggle and the booming economy insure a Donald Trump landslide victory in November. And with this, regular Oregonians like us have an opportunity to finally take back our state.

Yes, YOU can help, and it’s a very simple thing. Stay with me here…


What is MOGA2020?
MOGA2020 stands for “Make Oregon Great Again in 2020.” We’re the Oregon Grassroots…or you can call us the Oregon Country Class.***

Traditional Democrats? They’ve been steam-rolled leftward. To say, “this isn’t the party of JFK or even Bill Clinton” is a laughable understatement. And within the Oregon Democratic ranks there are a huge number of “quiet” Donald Trump supporters who have had more than enough of the virtue-signaling yapping hyenas who constitute their leadership. These are MOGA2020 subscribers, too.

Independents, Libertarians and the non-affiliated? You’ve seen the polls. The majority are frustrated with Oregon’s blue-state swamp, and like the rest of us they support our president and prefer a government that serves them rather than the other way around. They also subscribe to MOGA2020.

It really is the end of the Democrat Party as we’ve known it. Progressives have nowhere else to go in 2020 and in their frenzied befuddlement they await next November’s electoral chopping block.

In Oregon, it’s OUR turn! We are NOT going to miss this opportunity!

MOGA2020 is the rallying point for taking back Oregon after over thirty years of horrible Democrat progressive mismanagement. The iron is hot and it’s time to return Oregon to political sanity NOW.

The legacy of the Oregon grassroots
Since the early eighties, working people and small business owners like us, of all political persuasions, both in cities and in rural regions, have been ignored by the Willamette Valley and Portland-based Democrat and Republican political and media elite.

These elites are the Ruling Class.

And who belongs to the Oregon Ruling Class?
It’s a distinct minority, headed up by Democrat progressives, perhaps 50% of all Democrats. These are the people who ruthlessly rule our Salem government.

I’ll say it diplomatically. These are unreasonable people.

The Democrat progressive Ruling Class contingent is powered by a deranged hatred, not just for our president but for you and me. You know it’s true.

Also included in the Ruling Class are clueless Republican “never-Trumpers,” less than 10% of Oregon Republicans who, unwittingly and wittingly, keep those Democrat progressives in power. You guessed it: never-Trumpers are also unreasonable people, and right now they control the powerless state-level Oregon Republican Party which, as you’ll see, has miniscule support within our Republican voting base of over 704,000. (Yet the majority of Oregon county party organizations support Donald Trump and are self-directed.)

For way too long, this Democrat and Republican Ruling Class minority has been calling the shots for you and me. And of course their motivation is to hold on to power and not prioritize what’s best for regular everyday county-class people like us, Oregonians who work jobs, run businesses, pay taxes, raise children, negotiate retirement, compose our military and police…and make Oregon and America work.

Sam and Diana Carpenter

Have you considered running for political office?
We need candidates! There are 60 House races and 15 Senate primary races just getting underway. And there is a U.S. Senate seat at stake… and there are Secretary of State, Treasurer and Attorney General elections coming, none of which have Republican candidates yet! The filing deadline for the mid-May primary elections is March 12th, but you should file NOW.

Go here for full information. And drop down to the bottom of this page, to the Footnote **** to see what races have no Republican candidates. Here’s more detail about this problem. 

(And know that even if there already is a candidate in your district, maybe even a sitting Senate or House member, any number of Republican candidates can enter a particular race. If you want to run for office, even if you have never been involved politically, then run!)

And yes, there are also numerous smaller county and municipal contests, too. Somehow, get involved!

There will be Trump coattails this November!
So if you have ever thought of running for office, NOW is the time! Seize this opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and climb on board! It will never be easier than now for you to win an Oregon election because many, many voters, of all political stripes, will be voting straight Republican tickets in November. Take advantage of this unusual opportunity in these upcoming Oregon primary elections where regular Oregon Republicans are ON FIRE and have had a bellyful of the progressive Left. And know that nationwide, on November 3rd, there will be a Democrat defeat of biblical proportions and that momentum WILL sweep through Oregon…but only if we have candidates!

The power of MOGA2020’s Facebook voter-engagement .
MOGA2020 voter engagement is already many multiple times more than that of Governor Kate Brown (and note that well over half of Brown’s Facebook engagement consists of complaints about her leadership).

The Oregon Republican Party? It’s less than useless – with voter-engagement approaching zero – as leadership remains preoccupied with useless diversionary actions, including perhaps, this month, yet another certain-to-fail ballot petition to recall the governor, thus distracting our voter base from what really matters: the upcoming elections. Yes, it’s diabolical. Use the NEWSROOM tab above to see the latest posts and/or read my book, Making Oregon Great Again to get the details.

The following isn’t speculation. It’s statistical. Whether one likes it or not, in 2020 Facebook is the gold-standard for reaching voters. Our Facebook page is Making Reality Great Again. Compare Page subscribers and Page engagement to the other primary political sites in the state. This latest report is for the week of January 24st through the 31st:

MOGA2020 has become powerful because every week we reach hundreds of thousands of regular Oregonians just like you. In the last seven days we had over 311,000 Oregon Republican “views. With our daily updates, candidate endorsements, and no-holds-barred reporting, powered by our social media team of six, we are able to create group-momentum, break the latest news, affect opinion, and change the Ruling Class-generated political status quo.

Will you join us?
Yes you CAN help but – and this may seem odd – but at this point we’re specifically asking you to not send us money. We only ask you to take three simple (but incredibly crucial) actions…

  1.  join the mailing list on this web site, and then…
  2. tell your friends and family about MOGA2020, then…
  3. “Like” our Facebook Page, Making Reality Great Again.

MOGA2020’s impact is directly proportional to our total number of subscribers. Help us reach as many people as possible! 

THIS is how we take back our state! We band together! We break-on-through!

Join the MOGA2020 movement today and we’ll keep you informed with frequent updates and live-stream events that will be informative and often, way more fun than you would expect! 

For the comprehensive inside-story, download my book for free.
Published in January 2019, my book Making Oregon Great Again: Guide to the Grassroots Revitalization of the Oregon Republican Party (and the Defeat of the Ruling Class) lists the political myths we Oregonians must discard. And in a real-time true story, it chronicles how the nefarious 2018 Oregon gubernatorial Republican primary campaign unfolded. For grassroots candidates, it’s a wide-open expose’ of what to do and what not to do when running for office. For everyone else, it’s an eye-opener on how inside politics works here in Oregon…and pretty much every other “blue” state.

For your free PDF copy, click here to download.

Let’s build our numbers and make MOGA2020 way more powerful than it already is! Let’s take back Oregon!

Thank you. Join us and stay tuned!.

-Sam Carpenter

* Red Trifecta: in a state, when both chambers of the legislature and the governorship are Republican. Right now, Oregon is a blue trifecta

** Per scientific Triton Poll of 7/28/2019

*** Read Angelo Codevilla’s short masterpiece, The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It

****As of February 15th, 2020, there are no Republican candidates filed with the Secretary of State in State Senate Districts: 14, 18, 21, 22 and 23. (30% unfilled) Go here for map

Also, no candidates have filed in State House Districts: 7, 10, 16, 27, 29, 30, 33, 34, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 51, 52 and 57. (30% unfilled) Go here for map 

Great news! Of the three Executive Positions up for election:
Secretary of State: we have a solid candidate, the awesome Kim Thatcher
Treasurer: we have powerful candidate, Jeff Gudman!
Attorney General: I’m working on this. Maybe some good news soon…. -sc

We still have no Republican candidate for the 1st Congressional District.

March 10th is the filing deadline. As of today, the 15th, we have 24 days left.