The Power of the Grassroots,
the Landslide Re-election of Donald Trump,
and the Inevitability of the Oregon Red Trifecta

In Oregon, it’s a brand new era of politics and it’s steamrolling!

There are already 100,000 Oregonians on board this Make Oregon Great Again train. Will you join us? We are, by-the-numbers, the largest and most influential Republican media outlet in Oregon.

I’ll explain who we are and where we’re headed….

Ninety-percent of Oregon Republican voters support Donald Trump.* And so does a broad swath of Oregon voters who are NOT Republican. In the general election in November 2020 this will be enough to deliver Oregon’s seven electoral votes to President Trump as he wins reelection in a national landslide, a landslide reminiscent of the Reagan era. And on that same election day, because of the Trump-train effect we will remove the Democrat progressive super-majorities in our legislature. Then in November of 2022, we’ll take control of both sides of the legislature and win the governorship.

In 2022 we’ll gain our Oregon Red Trifecta.**

And in January of 2023 Donald Trump will still be our president, and we’ll have rescued our beautiful Oregon!

How does THAT make you feel?

Can you imagine the national impact of Oregon “going red”?

So, who are we ? We’re calling our group, MOGA2020. That stands for “Make Oregon Great Again in 2020”. Leaderless for a long, long time, we’re rooting for the Oregon Grassroots or, more recently and maybe more appropriately, the Country Class.***

Our legacy? For decades, working people and small business owners like us, of all political parties, both in the cities and in rural regions, have been ignored and even plundered by the Willamette Valley and Portland-based Democrat and Republican “elite” who politically control our state.

Let’s call them the “Ruling Class.”

And who exactly composes the Oregon Ruling Class? It’s a small minority of voters:

Democrat progressives, maybe 40% of all Democrats. I’ll say it: These are unreasonable people.

Also included are Republican never-Trumpers, just 10% of Oregon Republicans (who, wittingly and unwittingly, keep those Democrat progressives in power). You guessed it: These are also unreasonable people.

For three decades, the Ruling Class minority has been calling the shots for you and me as they relentlessly pressure us all leftward. How do they view us, the Country Class? Somewhere between sympathy and contempt. And of course, like their bedfellows in Washington DC, their motivation is to hold on to power, not to do what’s best for regular, every-day people who work their jobs or run their businesses, pay their taxes, raise the kids, and make this state work.

It’s a diabolical manipulation.

A diabolical manipulation? Continuously ranting about an oh-so-blue Oregon, top Republican leaders argue that we must move even further leftward toward progressivism in order to win elections. Lately, think Buehler, Pierce, Yue and Currier et al. Never mind that this strategy has not provided a Republican statewide-office electoral victory in decades! Never mind that year after year it has left the great majority of us with zero political leadership in this Oregon blue swamp.

The elites on our side know all this!

It’s a diabolical political con by the Ruling Class Right.

Democrats? Of course, they’ve been ram-rodded leftward too. Most abhor what has happened to their party. To say, “this isn’t the party of JFK,” is a gross understatement. Within these frustrated ranks of Country Class Democrats are a significant block of what we can call “quiet” Donald Trump voters, voters who are very much disgusted with the yapping hyenas of their own progressive Left.

Independents and the non-affiliated? Same thing. Most are frustrated with the  blue-state status-quo, and they lean Right.

Sam and Diana Carpenter

What exactly is the aim of the MOGA movement? Strategically focused, it’s very simple and worth repeating: in 2020 to deliver  Oregon’s seven electoral votes to Donald Trump,  as we remove the Democrat super-majorities in our legislature, and in 2022 to completely remove Democrat progressives from executive and legislative power in Salem.

With our numbers, aided by President Donald Trump’s national momentum, and the astounding PC-silliness of the progressive Left and their mainstream media brethren, let’s work together to derail the leftist chaos in Oregon for once and for all!

What is MOGA2020’s impact right now? We’ve been quietly working in the background and as of today, August 19, 2019, as we officially launch the MOGA2020 movement, we already have a passionate online subscriber base of over 100,000. Counting associated family members of these direct subscribers, we’re reaching over one-half of all Oregon Republican voters. And a lot of non-Republican Trump supporters are already on board, too.

MOGA2020’s online reach, subscription, and voter-engagement is already well over twenty times that of the official statewide Oregon Republican Party’s. This isn’t wild speculation. It’s statistical. Compare the Facebook pages and websites yourself.

Have we established the highest level contacts in Washington, DC? You better believe it….

It really is a new era in Oregon politics! let’s usher it in together!

Can you help? Yes, and we’re specifically asking you to not send us money. Maybe later. Rather, today we ask a couple of simple things: take two minutes of your time to join the mailing list on this web page…and then “Like” our Facebook Page.

And take one other step: ask your friends and family to join us too. Our impact hinges on our numbers more than anything. Join us and we’ll keep you informed via the website and the Facebook Page with frequent updates that will be informative and many times, fun. Diana and I will personally do much of the posting and responding.

Published in January 2019, and recently updated, my book Making Oregon Great Again: Guide to the Grassroots Revitalization of the Oregon Republican Party (and the Defeat of the Ruling Class) describes the political myths we Republicans must re-examine and then discard. In this updated version, with an additional concluding chapter (Chapter 35) and two new stunning Appendix items (S and T), it lays it all out. In a real-time true story, it describes how the nefarious 2018 gubernatorial Republican primary campaign unfolded as an example of how “the other side works.” It’s a cautionary tale.

For grassroots Republicans, it’s “mandatory reading.” For your free PDF copy, click here to download. You can buy a hardcopy version too, at my cost: go here. I will soon release an audio version. I will do the reading, and it will be also be free.

A past US Senate and gubernatorial primary candidate, I am not running for office in 2020. Instead, Diana and I, together with a number of Oregon grassroots leaders and volunteers, are going to do whatever we can through MOGA2020 to assist in Donald Trump’s re-election, as we simultaneously kick-start the process of turning this state red by November 2022.

Again, join the movement by simply subscribing! Take a couple of minutes to subscribe to the mailing list on this web page and then go to our Facebook Page and “Like” it! And tell your friends! (Yes, it’s all confidential. We won’t ever give your name and information to anyone else.)

That’s all we ask for now, but by January 2020, there will be other opportunities for you to help! If you DO want to be involved later, leave us your information via the above Volunteer tab and we’ll contact you then.

Thank you! More coming soon. Stay tuned!

-Sam and Diana Carpenter


* Per scientific Triton Poll of 7/28/2019. To be published soon.
** Red Trifecta: in any state, both chambers of the legislature and the governorship are Republican. Right now, Oregon has a Blue Trifecta.
*** Read Angelo Codevilla’s 2010 masterpiece, The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It.