The Power of the Oregon Grassroots, the
Landslide Re-election of Donald Trump, and the Inevitability of an  Oregon Red Trifecta*

Updated 10/1/2019

As the largest and most trusted political media source in the state, online or otherwise, we represent limited-government/Trump-supporting grassroots voters of all political persuasions: regular everyday Oregonians just like you. There are already 100,000 on-board the Make Oregon Great Again train.

Will you join us?

Here, we’ll explain exactly who we are and precisely where we’re headed….

Let’s start here: A huge majority of Republican voters and  a broad swath of voters who are NOT Republican, support Donald Trump** .

In the general election of November 3rd, 2020, this will be plenty enough to deliver Oregon’s seven electoral votes to President Trump as he wins re-election in a national landslide. And  because of President Trump’s momentum and the simultaneous implosion of the radical political Left, on that same election day we’ll remove the Democrat progressive super-majorities in both chambers of the Oregon legislature. Then in November 2022, we’ll take full control of those chambers as we win the governorship.

We will have secured an Oregon Red Trifecta.

Can you imagine the national impact of Oregon “going red”?

What is different here in the Fall of 2019 than even a year ago? Back then and before, too many of us spent our time pondering the problems of our state: everything from unmanaged forests, to an out-of-control PERS, to infringements on the First and Second Amendments, to unfettered abortion, to higher and higher taxes and the waste of over-regulation. We thought about it a lot and we talked  about it a lot, ceaselessly trying to get Democrat progressives to see how unreasonable they are!

This “complaining-and-explaining” distracted us from the fact that this small leftist minority of our population is never going to see things our way. And especially it distracted us from working toward what must come before we can ever hope to fix our problems: removing the radical Left from political power in Salem.

Enough pondering. Enough complaining. Enough explaining.

It hasn’t worked.

Now let’s go one layer deeper. Let’s start the process of taking political control in Salem!

Only after we accomplish THAT we can fix the specific problems!

This has been Donald Trump’s approach on the federal level. Now, here in Oregon we’re going to catch up with the rest of America! Let’s put our heads down and do what we have to do to take control in Salem…starting in 2020!

So, who are we? We call ourselves MOGA2020. That stands for “Make Oregon Great Again in 2020.” Leaderless for a long, long time, we’re members of the Oregon Grassroots…or you can call us the Oregon Country Class.***

Republicans? Nationally, 90% support Donald Trump and his vision of a smaller, les obtrusive federal government.

Traditional Democrats? Of course many have been steam-rolled leftward. To say, “this isn’t the party of JFK or Bill Clinton” is an understatement. But  within the Democrat ranks, there is a significant number of “quiet” Donald Trump voters, Democrat voters who have had a bellyful of the virtue-signaling yapping hyenas of their new radical progressive Left leadership.

Independents and the non-affiliated? Most are frustrated with the blue-state status-quo, and like the rest of us they prefer a more limited government; a government that serves them rather than the other way around…

The legacy of the Oregon grassroots? For decades, working people and small business owners like us, of all political parties, both in cities and in rural regions, have been ignored by the Willamette Valley and Portland-based Democrat and Republican “elite” who have controlled our state with an iron fist.

Let’s call them the “Ruling Class.”

And who belongs to the Oregon Ruling Class? It’s a small minority of voters, headed up by Democrat progressives, perhaps 50% of all Democrats. I’ll say it diplomatically: These are unreasonable people.

Also included in the Ruling Class are Republican never-Trumpers, less than 10% of Oregon Republicans who, unwittingly and wittingly, keep those Democrat progressives in power. You guessed it: these are also unreasonable people.

For three decades this Oregon Ruling Class minority has been calling the shots for you and me. How do these elites view us, the grassroots Country Class? Somewhere between contempt and sympathy. And of course their motivation is to hold on to power and not to prioritize what’s best for regular everyday people like us: Oregonians who work jobs, run businesses, pay taxes, raise children, compose our military and police…and make America work.

It’s a diabolical manipulation.

A diabolical manipulation? Continuously bemoaning an oh-so-blue Oregon, top Republican leaders argue that we must move leftward toward Democrat progressivism in order to win elections. Never mind that this strategy has not provided a Republican statewide electoral victory in decades! Never mind that year after year it has left the great majority of us with zero political leadership.

The elites on both sides know all this.

It’s a political con-game to keep the Ruling Class in power.

Here’s a recent scientific poll illustrating Oregon voter leanings.

Sam and Diana Carpenter

With our sheer numbers aided by President Trump’s impending landslide victory, we’re about to derail the leftist chaos in Salem!

What is MOGA2020’s impact right now, in the Fall of 2019? Today we’re directly reaching over half of Oregon Republican voters on a weekly basis. And as I said earlier, a lot of non-Republican “quiet Trump supporters” are hearing us too.

MOGA2020’s online reach, subscription, and voter-engagement is already many multiple times more than the official statewide Oregon Republican Party and even that of Kate Brown. This isn’t speculation. It’s statistical. As an illustration, compare Facebook page engagement. Here is a recent week of activity (September 20th through the 27th, 2019) :

And have we established the highest level contacts in Washington, DC? You better believe it.

Unassuming, we’ve become powerful.

Let’s build and leverage that strength in 2020.

Can you help? Yes, and this may seem odd, but we’re specifically asking you to not send us money. We only ask you to take a few simple actions: join the mailing list on this web page…and then “Like” our Facebook Page,  Making Reality Great Again. 

And then ask your friends and family to sign-on, too. MOGA2020’s impact hinges on our numbers more than anything else. Join the MOGA2020 movement and we’ll keep you informed with frequent updates that will be informative and many times, fun. My wife Diana will occasionally jump in to assist, but I will personally do most of the posting and responding. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Published in January 2019, my book Making Oregon Great Again: Guide to the Grassroots Revitalization of the Oregon Republican Party (and the Defeat of the Ruling Class) describes the political myths we Oregonians must discard. And in a real-time true story, it chronicles how the nefarious 2018 Oregon gubernatorial Republican primary campaign unfolded. For future grassroots candidates it’s a cautionary tale of “how the other side operates.”

For your free PDF copy, click here to download.

My political involvement? I’m a past Oregon US Senate and gubernatorial primary candidate. I am not running for office in 2020. I am now a political commentator. Here’s more about me.

Again, join the movement by simply taking a couple of minutes to add your name to the mailing list on this web page, and then go to our Facebook Page and “Like” it.  And then tell your friends!

Thank you! Stay tuned!

-Sam (and Diana) Carpenter


* Red Trifecta: in a state, when both chambers of the legislature and the governorship are Republican. Right now, Oregon is a blue trifecta

** Per scientific Trition Poll of 7/28/2019

*** Read Angelo Codevilla’s short masterpiece, The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It