It’s Time for New Leadership
in the Oregon Republican Party.


A LOT has been going on over the past months and now that the elections are well behind us and we’ve digested the sad results, it’s time to take action to turn things around. Here are the key points. Stay tuned here and on the Facebook page (Sam Carpenter Make Oregon great Again).

  1. I am entering the race for Oregon Republican Party Chairman. The ORP biannual organization meeting is in Salem, on February 15-16. We especially feel an obligation to the 90,000 Republicans who voted for me in the primary race last May.
  2. The elections also include Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. For these positions, I have convinced three strong, clear-thinking, highly qualified ORP platform-supporting individuals to join me.
  3. The slate’s position is this: the ORP needs new leadership. You know this already: we have four more years of Kate Brown and both chambers of the legislature are now Democrat super-majorities. And there is this: in Salem, Oregon Republicans have been pretty much powerless for the last fifteen years. (We did have the majority in both legislative chambers in the ’90’s and early 2000’s). We haven’t had a Republican governor for over thirty years. We’re now at the bottom and our organization must change direction.
  4. The ORP has a primary purpose and it’s described at the very beginning of the current bylaw document (Google: “Oregon Republican Party Bylaws”). Here is the first sentence of the rather lengthy paragraph, verbatim: “…elect Republicans, who promote the platform of the Oregon Republican Party, to public office…” Like you, I completely agree with that clear and pointed objective.
  5. Sam and Diana
  6. The ORP Central Committee members must officially, visibly and mechanically support the ORP Platform. And Board members must give the same level of support to our Republican President. We’re Republicans and he is the Republican leader of our Party.
  7. I will announce Board candidates by the end of this month. I ask the remainder of the hard-working members of the current Central Committee to consider staying to work with our new leadership. After the election, I am ready to talk to you one-on-one about that.
  8. I silently focused on conservative matters between the primary election and up to the general election. I was quiet the whole time, sure that Knute Buehler would not be elected governor, and that there was the probability we would be faced with Democrat super-majorities in both chambers. Why was I quiet? One reason is that Buehler never asked for my support. And there’s this: if I had criticized him in any way, his loss would be blamed on me and my grassroots supporters, rather than on the real reason for his defeat, that he did not represent the Republican base. There are other reason’s too.
  9. Over the last six months, I’ve spent several hundred hours writing a book, Making Oregon Great Again: The Grassroots Revitalization of the Oregon Republican Party (and the Defeat of the Ruling Class), to be published just after New Year’s. It describes the political myths we Republicans must face head-on and then discard, what really happened in the 2018 Republican primary election (to serve as lessons for the future), and a specific plan to resuscitate the ORP. The book will be available via free pdf download on this website by January 5th. By mid-February I will have recorded an audio version that also will be free via download. Signed hardcopies will be available by mid-February, too, at nominal cost. Unlike my previous books, I am publishing Making Oregon Great Again through my small publishing company, North Sister Publishing.

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Thank you everyone for your support. More coming soon. Stay tuned!