Why MOGA2020 Matters: The Force is With Us

Our ultimate goal? An Oregon Red Trifecta*

In  the last six months we’ve successfully warded off yet another futile and distracting State-level Oregon Republican Party effort to Recall Kate Brown as we’ve challenged and exposed the diabolical inner workings of the top-leadership of that organization. And we’ve had everything to do with adding a significant number of Republican primary candidates in State House Districts races, reducing the “vacancy” rate from 25% in 2018, to 10% in 2020. Most recently, as noted above, we had a heavy-hand in Cliff Bentz’s nomination for Congress in CD2.

Overall, in accomplishing the above, in this MOGA2020 forum we’ve amassed a Facebook and email list following of over 100,000 under-represented, Pro-Donald Trump Oregon Republicans…and many like-thinking voters from other parties. 96% of our subscribers are conservative-thinking Oregon Republicans. There is incredible power in our numbers!

* Political red trifecta: in a state, when both chambers of the legislature and the governorship are Republican. Right now, Oregon is a blue trifecta.