Will there be another attempt to recall Kate Brown?

It’s a highly time-sensitive issue so today I am releasing a small part of the “The Grassroots Oregon Republican Party Manifesto for 2020” that we will publish next week. Here is a portion of the second of ten points that I will make in that document.

The ORP has a penchant for wild-goose-chasing. It’s a smokescreen/diversionary tactic and it means zero energy goes into the organization’s central responsibility of helping to win conservative control in Salem.

Here’s THE prime example. Last Spring, in lieu of beginning to prepare for the upcoming 2020 primary elections, the state-level ORP Executive Committee sponsored the ludicrous Recall-Kate-Brown petition. Of course, It failed miserably.

And now, note the possibility of a second recall effort. An unabashed ORP Chairman Bill Currier proposed this idea directly on the heels of that colossal and embarrassing failure last Fall.

A second recall attempt now, as the primary campaigns really heat up, would mean the state-level ORP is well on ity way to successfully diverting Republican voters’ energy from what really matters – taking back Salem – for a full year!

And really get this point: in the remote chance the recall succeeds in removing Brown, it insures an (essentially) incumbent governor Tobias Reed will be our Democrat foe in the gubernatorial race in 2022.

It would be a win-win for Democrat progressives.

Here’s more detail on both of the above points. It’s a post I put up early last November: https://www.makeoregongreatagain.com/newsroom/endless-recall-the-painful-truth/

So, will there will be ANOTHER recall petition initiated this month, further sucking up the energy of our base all the way through the primary elections in May, and insuring a gubernatorial Republican loss in 2022? A LOT of grassroots leaders in Oregon sure hope not. In contrast, most of our tiny establishment Ruling Class contingent thinks it’s a great idea.

Oh, and the ORP’s  stupid excuse that a recall effort will “energize the base?” No it won’t energize the base, it will manipulate and then ultimately discourage the base. And anyway, what the Hell good would it do to have an energized base when that base has no candidates to vote for?


If this second recall-Kate-Brown attempt does happen, it proves – without any doubt – that the ORP is deliberately sabotaging any possibility of winning back power in Salem.

Note these Facebook post comments to see who says what, and then connect the dots.