Yet again, ORP Leadership Leads us Down the Recall-Kate-Brown Rathole.

The Executive Committee of the state-level Oregon Republican Party has a penchant for wild-goose-chasing and this new recall effort is the latest iteration. It’s a smokescreen/diversionary tactic and it means zero energy will  go into the organization’s central responsibility of helping to win conservative control in Salem.

It’s deliberate and it’s diabolical. Our state Republican leadership, the ORP Central Committee, would prefer you think they are incompetent rather than for you to see the bottom-line  truth, that they are corrupt; that they are the enemy.

Wolves in Sheep’s clothing.

And yes, their decades of “leadership” is why Oregon is so damn blue.

Here’s where all this started. Last Spring, in lieu of beginning to prepare voters for the then upcoming 2020 primary elections, the state-level ORP Executive Committee sponsored the first ludicrous Recall-Kate-Brown petition. Of course, it failed miserably.

There was a competing recall effort that first time. The two petitions ate each other alive, emotionally dividing our base in the process. Nowhere near enough signatures were gathered. in either petition. This time? There are TWO competing efforts! With that, and upon the humiliation of the  first failure, AND now the social-distancing dictates that makes gathering signatures near-impossible, does ANYONE think enough signatures will be gathered?

Again: The state-level ORP is now on its way again to successfully diverting Republican voters’ energy from what really matters – taking back Salem.

It’s deliberate!

And really get this point: in the incredibly remote possibility the recall succeeds in removing Brown, it insures an (essentially) incumbent governor Democrat progressive Tobias Reed will be our Democrat foe in the gubernatorial race in 2022. It’s near-impossible to defeat an incumbent.

The ORP recall effort is a win-win for Democrat progressives.

It’s a lose-lose for us, the grassroots.

And make no mistake. With this second recall effort we’re not “sending Governor Kate Brown a message.” Truth is, leftist Brown is laughing hysterically at us.

Here’s more detail on the above points. It’s a post I put up early last November:

Oh, and ORP chair Bill Currier’s proclamation that a recall effort will “energize the base?” No it won’t energize the base. It will manipulate and then ultimately discourage our base, just before the general election.

Any anyway, our conservative voters ARE energized. They are not little robots that need a battery recharge. The problem is a dearth of good candidates. Yes, our voters are ready to vote, but the ORP leadership has insured that there are few good candidates.


This second recall-Kate-Brown it proves – without any doubt – that the ORP is deliberately sabotaging any possibility of winning back power in Salem.

Note these Facebook post comments to see who says what, and then connect the dots.

What do do? It’s a sad state of affairs but sign the silly petitions and then forget about it, focusing your energy on the upcoming elections. Work hard to get your friends and family to stay enthused enough to vote.

And when this ORP effort gets headlines for failing yet again, you can look back and see that you weren’t hoodwinked.

In the end, the good news? We have President Trump.