Seattle and President Trump? My take…

Donald Trump knows exactly what he’s doing, despite complaints from some of our own patriotic conservative commentators.

He’s not being weak. He’s being smart. Remember all the times we’ve doubted him only to be proved wrong?

OK. I’ll put it this way:

If I were President, I’d let CHAZ play out for a while longer. Let their little dystopian “community” crumble amidst their own filth, drugs, and infighting. Let them wallow in this for a little bit more so America can see the insanity of Leftist leadership.

Give them some more time. Let it get really bad in those streets, and then go in and clean it up with special tactics local police and federal special forces squads who will be directed to be as clean and non-lethal as possible. My guess is they could secure those seven blocks in a couple of hours, tops.

Yes, as they go in, and in defending themselves, there could be some bloodshed, but not much. After all, they won’t be dealing with hard-core ISIS jihadists. Their targets are mostly snot-nosed white kids who will fold over instantly in the face of America’s very best…

Let this play out. Let those fools in CHAZ continue to embarrass themselves, their mayor, their governor, and their DC Democrat supporters led by Pelosi, Schumer, et al.

Don’t doubt our president. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

We Must Focus on What Really Matters

Donald Trump and Sam Carpenter, April 2016
Donald Trump and Sam Carpenter,
April 2016

Do not get Distracted. Do not waste your energy.


We conservative Oregonians have one more chance to turn things around, and we don’t have time to be distracted from what really matters. In the next months, do NOT get bogged down with the following:

  • Recalling Kate Brown (sign the petitions if it makes you feel better, but know that it’s a lose-lose.)
  • Buying into the utterly discredited, stupid theory that we must move left in order to win elections. (It’s never worked. It’s spineless. Democrat progressives are laughing at us.)
  • Continuing to assume that state-level Oregon Republican Party leadership has our best interests in mind. (After everything that’s gone down, WHY do some of us STILL buy into this?)

What matters most in Oregon in 2020 is that on November 3rd we remove the House and Senate Democrat super-majorities, and that Jeff Gudman and Kim Thatcher are elected Treasurer and Secretary of State.

And in 2022, we…

  1. take back control of both legislative chambers
  2. elect a Republican Governor

Don’t get distracted! Don’t buy into the BS. Focus on what matters most. And never forget that predators prey on weakness.

It’s past time we stopped explaining things to progressive Democrats (and our own nefarious subset of RINOs). Now we band together and start fighting back.


MOGA2020 Endorses Jeff Gudman for State Treasurer

Jeff Gudman


Jeff Gudman is our Republican candidate for State Treasurer and he has assured us personally that he will restore accountability and common sense to the state’s highest position of financial oversight.

He’s MOGA2020’s first official endorsement for the upcoming general election. We just had a huge impact in Cliff Bentz’ CD2 primary election victory and, with an equal thrust, we’re looking forward to helping get Jeff become our State Treasurer in November.

Jeff told Diana and me, “It’s time Oregonians have a trusted and transparent Treasurer, serving the needs of the people instead of a quid pro quo politician in the pocket of special interest groups.” Of course, he is exactly correct…

If you haven’t seen this article from OBP, take a minute and read it. Tobias Read is playing pay-to-play in the state treasurer’s office with our money!

More than 40% of Tobias Read’s campaign contributions have come from big law firms out-of-state. That’s over $100,000 in 2019 alone! That’s outrageous!

Why do these companies and their lawyers, who are based mostly in New York, Washington DC and Delaware, have an interest in an Oregon state treasurer race? Because they stand to receive millions and millions of dollars of compensation if they are selected to represent Oregon in lawsuits against giant corporations and Tobias Reed has the ability to help these law firms secure those contracts with the state!

These pay-to-play politics may be common in Washington DC, but they do not belong in our state.

MOGA2020 is endorsing Jeff Gudman for State Treasurer because he believes in doing what is right. He is not running for office to pad his own pockets or give backroom kickbacks to his friends. He’s running because he has the experience and expertise to be our state’s chief financial officer and he wants to see change. I’ve known Jeff for quite a while, and despite MOGA2020’s  policy of limited endorsements, Jeff Gudman is our guy!

This is a critically important election…

Please join Diana and me in supporting Jeff in his campaign. It’s WAY past time that we are represented by a State Treasurer who has the morals, convictions, and experience to make Oregonians proud. You can read more about Jeff at and I ask you will join us in supporting him, both financially and of course, in your vote.

Can you chip in $250, $100 or even $50 today to help Jeff win this battle?

Let’s show Jeff that he has a strong backing of supporters who matter – local Oregonians, just like you and Diana and me!

You can donate online at
-Sam Carpenter

Yours for Oregon,
Sam and Diana Carpenter

Predators Exploit the Weak (and the hunting is good)

And where are our Republican leaders, nationally (in the U.S. Senate), statewide (the Oregon Republican Party) and in Central Oregon (Helt, Zika and Knopp)? Hiding under their desks and STILL backing away from our President (or, like Helt and Romney, outright attacking him).

Anyone have any ideas? A new organization to fight this, at least in Oregon? Ignore all of it and go prepper?…or, ???. And I don’t want to hear any more sniveling drivel about continuing to “reach across the aisle.” Arrrggghhh! -sc