I have been predicting a 2020 Trump landslide

I have been predicting a 2020 Trump landslide since January 2017. Too bad our Oregon Republican leadership and 100% of our statewide and federal candidates (with the exception of Cliff Bentz in CD2), have been either ignoring or denigrating the man.

It’s no wonder the Left will continue to own Oregon no matter the overwhelming national Trump electoral landslide that is about to happen.

Thanks to Paul deWitt for passing this article on to me:


The City is Killing America

Greenfield nails it again…

Think about Portland as you read this.

Here’s an excerpt: “Cities concentrate civilizational achievements and challenges, but it’s been a long time since cities were generating American achievements. America’s cities were once built to house industries and businesses. Their only real business anymore is the business of government.”