Editorial: Out With the Old… by David Jaques

Out With the Old…

Editorial by David Jaques, Roseburg Beacon, 01/01/2020

We aren’t just entering a new year in 2020, but a new decade! And this one promises to be a doozy!

As soon as the congress returns on January 6, from their Christmas break, we can expect the impeachment charade to kick back into full gear. One thing is for certain though and that is that Speaker Pelosi has lost her mind!

By trying to dictate to Senate Leader Mitch McConnell the manner in which he shall conduct his trial, is the equivalent of the District Attorney’s office, that was prosecuting a case, getting a hold of the judge before the trial and telling him/her the witnesses they should request hearing from, and when the case should be on the docket, etc. Preposterous! They would be thrown out of the judge’s chambers, and probably see the case dismissed, which still remains a distinct possibility.

Anyone with a brain knows that the case is dead on arrival in the senate anyway. It is a numbers game, and the Dems don’t have the numbers, period.

Remember…elections have consequences. But now in fact it looks likely that there are perhaps two or more democrats who have counted the cost, including Doug Jones from Alabama, and will not be voting for impeachment, as it will cost them their seat in the Senate. Then there’s the nagging problem that there were no laws broken, and no fact witnesses to suggest there were.

And the public is getting weary of the whole sordid mess.

The other powder keg (and not just figuratively speaking) that is about to go off is the Virginia gun-grab. Democrat Governor Ralph Northam wants to see not only universal gun registration, but ultimately confiscation. Not only have more than 100 counties in Virginia passed Second Amendment Sanctuary laws, forbidding enforcement of such laws, but Sheriffs in several of them have stated they have no intention of enforcing them. Several reports are now surfacing that citizen militia groups across the nation are taking note, and are prepared to mobilize if needed.

It just goes to show how far out of touch these Democrats have become. Joe Biden, in a campaign stop in Peterborough New Hampshire this weekend, said “we’re all dead” if we don’t stop using fossil fuels. You can’t make this stuff up folks, he really said this. He also stated on camera that that laws that “allow” Texans to carry firearms in church are “irrational”. Really Mr. Biden? What if the seven men that were armed that morning weren’t? How many more lives would have been forfeit? I’ll tell you what irrational is…and that is Biden and his comrades in the Democrat-socialist party thinking they are going to disarm law-abiding Americans.

Maybe we owe a huge debt of gratitude to comrades Biden, Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, Ocasio- Cortez, and most of the rest of their party, for awakening the sleeping giant, freedom loving Americans. Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said that of his political leader’s impetuous decision to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941.

The Democrat party has set itself back with their extreme positions on the so-called New Green Deal based upon fake science, abortion on demand up to the day of delivery, the celebration of the most extreme LGBTQ agenda items (affecting less than 4% of the total population) including such bizarre things as pedophilia, gender reassignment for minor children, cross gender athletic competition, to name but a few.

Most of these extreme left wing agenda items are right out of Karl Marx’s handbook, the Communist Manifesto; they’ve just repackaged them, and called it progressive. Now think back on the precinct maps showing the red/blue proportion of America that you saw when President Trump was first elected in 2016. And I can promise you this, he has NOT lost any of that territory, or those voters, in fact he’s gained, and not just a little.

Deep down Americans are decent people, who love their families, their freedom, and their way of life. Obama did more to divide this country and his socialist devotees in the Deep State, the hangers on, are finally coming into full view. Their scheme to overthrow this President and the 65 million who elected him is continuing to be revealed on an almost daily basis. Look for indictments to follow the end of the Schiff-Pelosi- Nadler impeachment farce.

Yes, this is promising to be an exciting new decade as it begins to unfold in the weeks ahead. President Trump will be exonerated, and the real perpetrators will be brought to justice, then we will have four more years of continuing to restore America to her proud greatness, unequalled in the history of mankind.

–David J