Ten Points in Response to Various Comments

Here are ten points in response to various comments I received pertaining to yesterday’s post (in which I said another recall-Kate-Brown effort by the state-level Oregon Republican Party should not happen).

  1. Well over 90% of the people who commented on yesterday’s post supported my contention that a recall is a distraction and a waste. (Check the numbers for yourself, and know that unlike Knute Buehler, I rarely delete critical comments to a post. In this one in particular, I didn’t delete any comments or ban anyone from the Page.) The negative responses? The RINO’s among us are insignificant in numbers but good-lord they’re shrill.
  2. Remember that the ratio of Trump supporters vs. RINOs, nationwide, is 90% to 10%. (in Oregon Congressional District Two? I’d say it’s 95% to 5%).
  3. Answer to a comment, stating, “To run for political office it takes a certain kind of individual, one with money (and) backing…” Here’s my answer: “We must have more regular people like you and me running for office, not just the elite.” No matter what the standard political consultant says, successfully running for office doesn’t HAVE to be expensive. Read this, from my book: https://www.makeoregongreatagain.com/book/myth7/
  4. Overall? This isn’t a voter problem. It’s a candidate problem. The ORP blames their own base for not voting, when the problem actually lies with the ORP’s actions and non-actions that discourage good people from running for office. Yes, it’s infernal.
  5. Does the ORP leadership think we voters are sheep, to be herded in their preferred direction? Or that we must be “energized” as if we are dead batteries? Related, I added this paragraph to yesterday’s post: “Oh, and the ORP’s stupid excuse that a recall effort will ‘energize and expand the base?’ No, it won’t. It will manipulate and then ultimately disappoint and discourage the base. And anyway, what the Hell good would it do to have an energized/expanded base that has no candidates for whom they can vote?”
  6. Blaming voters for not voting is an ORP smokescreen and a deliberate distraction, buti It’s also disrespectful to you and me, the regular, every-day people within our Republican party. In fact, it’s sheer arrogance.
  7. One negative comment was, “I didn’t read your post because you have a reputation for disinformation.” Really? No one has EVER pointed out something I said was wrong (although my character has been repeatedly attacked). I am very, VERY careful to research and source my statements. If someone doesn’t like me personally, it doesn’t make what I say wrong. Instead, it makes the finger-pointer look narrow-minded; someone who is going to stick to their dumb menu no matter the facts disputing it. (But wait! Hmmmmm. Where have we seen THAT before? Oh yes, I know where: on the Democrat progressive Left.)
  8. A side-benefit of instituting another recall petition is that the Executive Board thinks it will shut me up. With a recall petition, the ORP top-brass puts me in the position of appearing to be “a bad Republican” for not being supportive of their “heroic-and-valiant efforts to remove the wicked witch, Kate Brown.” How can I challenge their effort and not appear disloyal? Actually, they have a point in being able to silence me, and that’s why I am hammering on this now, BEFORE they take action….
  9. The ORP top executive leadership is smart. They WANT you to think they are lazy and stupid. I repeat: They WANT you to think that! Nope. Truth is, they are crazy like a fox. Success or failure of the recall? Either way, it’s a win-win for the ORP establishment AND the progressive Left. Failing in the recall attempt will distract our voter base right into the primary elections. And successfully recalling Kate Brown will also distract the base through the primary elections BUT IN ADDITION will establish Tobias Reed, our current state Treasurer, as the incumbent governor in the gubernatorial election of 2022. We will be facing Governor Reed rather than a brand-new Democrat face. An incumbent governor is very hard to unseat.
  10. I will repeat this paragraph from yesterday’s post: “If this second recall-Kate-Brown attempt does happen, it proves – without any doubt – that the ORP is deliberately sabotaging any possibility of winning back power in Salem.”