The Ruling Class* and the Grassroots

Of course, there is no longer any question about the intentions of the irrational Democrat progressive Left. Their singular quest is for power. They truly don’t care about you and me and to add insult to injury, they don’t respect us either.

But is there a silver lining?

Yes! This deep-state arrogance opens up the door to a very special political pathway in 2020 and it hinges on joining forces and working together. The Democrat impeachment boondoggle, the booming economy, the seriously flawed Democrat nominee, and the COVID-19 manipulation/entrapment insure a Donald Trump victory in November. And with this, regular Oregonians like us have an opportunity to, in Salem, finally take back our state.

Traditional Democrats? They’ve been steam-rolled leftward. To say, “this isn’t the party of JFK or even Bill Clinton” is a laughable understatement. And within the Oregon Democratic ranks there are a significant number of “quiet” Donald Trump supporters who have had more than enough of the virtue-signaling yapping hyenas who have hijacked their leadership. These are MOGA2020 subscribers, too.

Independents, Libertarians and the non-affiliated? You’ve seen the polls. The majority are frustrated with Oregon’s blue-state swamp, and like the rest of us they support our president and prefer a government that serves them rather than the other way around. They also subscribe to MOGA2020.

It really is the end of the Democrat Party as we’ve known it. Democrat Progressives have nowhere else to go in 2020 and in their frenzied befuddlement they await next November’s electoral chopping block, hoping the COVID-19 emergency will somehow topple Donald Trump’s presidency. Nonsense. Just watch.

In Oregon, it’s OUR turn! We are NOT going to miss this opportunity!

MOGA2020 is the rallying point for taking back Oregon after over thirty years of horrible Democrat progressive mismanagement. The iron is hot and it’s time to return Oregon to political sanity NOW.

The legacy of the Oregon grassroots
Since the early eighties, working people and small business owners like us, of all political persuasions, both in cities and in rural regions, have been ignored by the Willamette Valley and Portland-based Democrat and Republican political and media elite.

These elites are the Ruling Class.

And who belongs to the Oregon Ruling Class?
It’s a distinct minority, headed up by Democrat progressives, perhaps half of all Democrats. These are the people who support our current Salem leadership.

I’ll say it diplomatically. These are unreasonable people.

This Democrat progressive Ruling Class contingent is powered by a deranged hatred, not just for our president but for you and me. You know it’s true.

Also included in the Ruling Class are Republican “never-Trumpers,” perhaps 5% of Oregon Republicans who, unwittingly and wittingly, keep those Democrat progressives in power. You guessed it: never-Trumpers are also unreasonable people. And right now they control the powerless state-level Oregon Republican Party which, as you’ll see, has miniscule support within our 704,000 Republican voting base.

Yet the majority of Oregon Republican county party organizations support Donald Trump and are powerfully self-directed.

For way too long, this Democrat and Republican Ruling Class minority has been calling the shots for you and me. And, for these Leftists-hustlers, the motivation is to hold on to power and not prioritize what’s best for regular everyday county-class people like us: Oregonians who work jobs, run businesses, pay taxes, raise children, negotiate retirement, compose our military and police…and, deep down, make Oregon work.

* No matter your political affiliation, Read Angelo Codevilla’s short masterpiece, The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It