Joseph Rice: How Solomon Yue Does It – “Pay to Play”

Memo from Joseph Rice regarding Solomon Yue, reprinted here with permission

2nd Congressional District

March 17, 2020

Dear Oregon State Central Committee Members,

As a Conservative Republican, I have watched with pride as President Trump drains the Swamp in Washington DC. In my tenure with the Oregon Republican Party (ORP) as Chair of the 2nd Congressional District, I have realized some of that same swamp draining must also occur in Oregon. That is, if we as Republicans are to gain stronger footing in the Salem political landscape.

In his private business, Solomon Yue has been financially profiting by leveraging his position as Oregon’s National Committeeman and selling access to Republican National Committee (RNC) meetings.

On February 18th, 2020 the Oregon State Central Committee (SCC) received an email from Solomon Yue, forwarded by ORP Secretary Becky Mitts, with the following signature block;

Solomon Yue
Republican National Committeeman for Oregon
Vice Chairman and CEO
Republicans Overseas, Inc. and Republicans Overseas Action, Inc.

Look at Yue’s signature block and the website links below it. It is not just “Republican National Committeeman for Oregon,” it is also “Vice Chairman and CEO – Republicans Overseas, Inc”. Yue is advertising his privately owned company to the State Central Committee as if it is associated with the Republican Party, which it is not. It is a “for profit” corporation! I invite you to follow the web link in Yue’s signature block, to here:

It will lead you to his Republican Overseas website;

Select the “Membership” tab and it brings you here:

Especially note the “benefits” of the $750 AMBASSADOR and $10,000 ADVISORY COMMITTEE membership levels. “Sponsored Guest to RNC quarterly meetings and Republican debates.” This is what is commonly referred to as “Pay to Play.” Yue as Oregon’s National Committeeman is selling access to RNC meetings and pocketing the cash at the rate of many ten’s of thousands of dollars annually! Yue is not representing Oregon in this. He is personally profiteering from the elected Oregon Republican National Committeeman position and it’s morally and ethically corrupt. Complicit in this are some of ORP Executive Committee leadership, people who have attended these crucial RNC meetings and firsthand seen Yue’s “guests,” and have remained silent about it. Can you remember anytime Yue offered an SCC member an opportunity to attend an RNC meeting as his guest? Solemn Yue became so abusive of the RNC guest policy, bringing up to 40 “guests” at one time, the RNC has now formally changed the meeting guest policy to only “two guests per attending official,” except for immediate family. This new policy is known as the “Solomon Rule.”

We in the Oregon Republican Party, as members of the State Central Committee must come to terms: we have a swamp right here in Oregon that ALSO must be drained.
With this type of misbehavior and abuse of position going on and on, how can we as conservative Republicans believe we can move Oregon back to the right from the extreme liberal left? As Oregonians, we deserve integrity and professional representation at the national level. We will not be taken seriously by the RNC when they know the elected National Committeeman is using his title and position for personal financial gain and access. Yue’s timing of self-promotion activity always up-ticks during election time, giving the SCC the illusion he is hard at work for Oregon.

Just prior to President Trump’s election in 2016, Yue accused RNC Chairman Reince Priebuis of “institutional tyranny”, not a good representation for Oregon. As this became known and started to circulate at the SCC meeting in Newport, Mr. Yue flashed around a picture of himself and Mr. Priebuis standing together, smiling giving the impression all was well and they had a strong relationship. The picture was taken prior to Yue’s accusation of Priebuis.

I was personally subjected to one of Yue’s “whisper” campaigns, a “false-valor” accusation initiated by Jeff Grossman that I was not a former military officer, had never served in the Army as a helicopter pilot or served in Afghanistan. I had a direct interaction with Grossman telling him I would provide him the opportunity to validate his statement in a legal setting, which he declined. The Maoist tactic employed was only defeated when Daniel Crowe, candidate for Oregon Attorney General and a former Army Staff Judge Advocate drafted a report countering Grossman allegations after his full review of my military records and credentials. This is not the first time this tactic has occurred, Wally Hicks was accused of not graduating the United States Navel Academy or being a decorated Marine Officer.

I detest the Maoist Tactics Yue employs within the ORP and the RNC. This type of behavior does nothing to advance our conservative ORP Platform and the values of the ORP within Oregon. In fact, it works to the contrary and has had the detrimental effect of driving solid, conservative volunteers and potential candidates out of the ORP. The ORP should be recruiting conservative candidates and assisting them in their bid for elected office as a public servant. That is the ORP primary role as defined by ORP By-laws. I have watched good people destroyed and sidelined by Yue’s tactics he engages others to execute.

I have never been in any organization which changes it’s by-laws as often as the ORP does and always just prior to a major election. This constant manipulation of our By-laws is intentional in order to aid in furthering the agenda of a small self-ordained few in ORP leadership as directed by Yue. Imagine if the United States Constitution was changed as frequently as the ORP by-laws. The country would be in chaos. The Oregon Republican Party is in chaos, and has been for a long time, which has rendered it ineffective in the state political landscape. These by-law changes always seem to originate from Jeff Grossman, Yue’s right hand man and have done nothing to establish a stronger Republican presence in Salem.

It is time for change and for Oregon Republicans to step up and support the President’s swamp draining right here in Oregon. After twenty years, It’s time for Yue to go and it’s time to elect a moral, ethical individual into the National Committeeman position. Someone conservative republicans can be proud of. When we make this happen, Oregonians will be able to rest secure knowing their interests are truly being represented to the RNC, instead of the current self-promoting, financial profiting agenda of Solomon Yue.

Integrity is earned by demonstrated actions, not by boisterous claims.

Preserve the Republic,

Joseph Rice
Chair – 2nd Congressional District
Josephine County Precinct 21Committee Person
Credential Committee
ORP Executive Committee

For the Record: Last Weekend’s Full Exchange Between Chris Barreto and Me

To SCC members: Pati Horton publicly asked about last weekend’s SCC list-serve exchange between Chris Barreto and me. She didn’t receive it. My guess is that some other members are asking about it too, not having received the original letters Becky and I posted (because of ongoing problems with the SCC database accuracy). So, for those curious folks, here is the summary all in one place. The two posts added together here are long but, I think, quite revealing. I have not redacted a single word. Read from the top down. It’s in three parts, headings noted in bold type. This is worth a careful read….

  1. Chris’s message to the SCC (Sunday morning March 15th)
  2. My Response (Sunday evening, March 15th)
  3. Included as an appendix to the end of my Response, #2 above, my original private letter to Chris (Friday March 13th

1. In her SCC message Sunday morning the 15th, Chris said: 

“Friday I received an email from Sam Carpenter regarding the upcoming NCW and NCM elections. Sam asked that I not share his actual email, and while I did not agree to keep it confidential, I will respect his request at this point in time. But I find his points too disturbing not to share.”

“In his email, Mr. Carpenter feigns support for my campaign, even claiming to have asked Marylin Shannon to step aside, and asks for my help in unseating Solomon Yue as our NCM.

“The email makes it clear that Sam is using John Lee in an attempt to dismantle ORP leadership, and John Lee’s communications with the SCC, using Carpenter’s own talking points, makes it equally clear that John is a willing participant in Sam’s scheme to divide the Oregon Republican party. This greatly disappoints me as I have always considered John a friend.

“Interestingly, Mr. Carpenter went on to say that if he is not elected, he has no interest in joining with the ORP to work toward electing Republicans in Oregon, even declaring that immediately following the election he will be returning home to Kentucky, regardless of the outcome of the election. Clearly, Sam has no interest in forwarding the mission of the ORP, but only seeks to tear down its leadership, hamstring its candidates, and sow division among its voters.

“Let me be clear, Solomon Yue has my full support as Oregon’s National Committeeman.  Without him these fundraising events would not have been possible.” -Chris Barreto

2. Here was my SCC response to Chris’s accusations, Sunday evening the 15th:

“To SCC members: Chris Barreto has horribly distorted the personal letter I sent her, the one she critiqued publicly in her SCC message-blast this afternoon. Her interpretation centred around, quite simply, lies and distortions. The treachery begins in her first lines where she says “I will respect Sam’s privacy,” but then she goes on to publicly twist everything I said. I trusted her to be professional. My mistake.”

“(But before you go on with this letter, and by all means you should do that, read the following carefully: Chris’s diatribe against me here is an October Surprise-type political distraction. It comes in the face of the upcoming National Committeeman and National Committeewoman elections that are now just days away. For sure, take the time here to examine her accusations and my defense (below), but don’t let this bickering distract you from what really matters: the HUGE AND VERY REAL problem right now is that the Executive Committee, headed up by Solomon Yue, is attempting to ram through the NCM and NCW elections this coming Saturday with the outcome nearly guaranteed in Solomon Yue’s favor. This is because of how the election is being conducted. This election MUST be postponed, as I described in a previous message to you earlier this evening).

“OK.  Let’s get back to Chris Barreto’s accusations against me:

“Of course Chris didn’t publish my “let’s try to build a bridge” letter! It would have made her interpretations look paranoid and silly. So, I’m publishing that letter right here, at the bottom of this email. (Chris’s “whistleblowing” is right out of the Democrat personal-attack playbook, horribly distorting a hidden, private document that was not at all diabolical, eg, think the Trump Ukraine phone call manuscript which Trump surprisingly published, thus completely disarming his attackers. So, very Trumpish of me, I’ll do the same here. The unredacted letter is below). Our SCC members can review it for themselves as a whole, and for detail, and can draw their own conclusions about me and about my intentions. (Note to Chris: You should have simply talked to me, as I suggested. I had made several attempts to talk to you, contacting you by email, inviting you and Greg to our home as guests, but you did not respond.)

“I’n my defense, here are “open-letter” responses to some of Chris’s accusations:

“Chris said: received an email from Sam Carpenter regarding the upcoming NCW and NCM elections. Sam asked that I not share his actual email, and while I did not agree to keep it confidential, I will respect his request at this point in time. But I find his points too disturbing not to share.
————–Chris: the points were only ‘disturbing’ to you because you twisted them terribly, turning what was clearly a letter of reconciliation/unification into a vicious personal attack on me. (again, SCC members, the letter is reprinted in its entirety, below. See what you think.).

“Chris said: In his email, Mr. Carpenter feigns support for my campaign, even claiming to have asked Marylin Shannon to step aside, and asks for my help in unseating Solomon Yue as our NCM.
————- I did not ‘feign’ support to you as Committeewoman. I thought you had done a good job and I said it. I meant it. In an effort to unify the party I even asked you if Greg would be interested in being ORP Chair should that position become available. (I was just curious. No, obviously I am not in any kind of a position to make that happen, as a future National Committeeman, or from the outside.)  Marylin and I go back and forth frequently. Yes, as one of many options and topics on the table, at one point I offhandedly asked Marylin her thoughts about stepping down. She specifically told me she would NOT step down. Chris, you owe Marylin an apology. You were just being mean. She deserves better.

“Chris said: The email makes it clear that Sam is using John Lee in an attempt to dismantle ORP leadership, and John Lee’s communications with the SCC, using Carpenter’s own talking points, makes it equally clear that John is a willing participant in Sam’s scheme to divide the Oregon Republican party. This greatly disappoints me as I have always considered John a friend.
———–No one ‘uses’ John Lee! John is his own man and will make a superb National Committeeman if the election goes his way. John is a “willing participant?” Good grief. As I said, no one tells John what to do or can manipulate him. You owe John an apology too. You demean people personally, Chris. For the record, John and I are both CEO’s and entrepreneurs, and have been friends for many years. Yes, we DO understand each other. Re sharing common “talking points”: The majority of SCC members have these same precise “talking points,” talking points that have to do with the utter failure of the state ORP to accomplish anything meaningful.

“Chris said: Interestingly, Mr. Carpenter went on to say that if he is not elected, he has no interest in joining with the ORP to work toward electing Republicans in Oregon.
——-I NEVER said that! Read the letter (below)! I clearly said that if I was not elected I would not serve on the EC, and that is true and that is all I said! If you and I had talked, I would have explained to you that I am not at my best on a committee (although I have served on many.) Truth is, I’m a CEO; much better at leading a group rather than sitting around a table and jawboning. Call that a character flaw if you want. And Chris, you say I’m “not interested” in electing Republicans? You say that considering everything I’ve done to recruit candidates in the last six months? In 2020 Oregon would again have had 25% House seats without Rewpublican candidates, as it did in 2018, if it weren’t for my relentless efforts online and otherwise. Diana and I worked our butts off, and Oregon ended up at an uncontested level of 10%  Wow! I’ve worked damn hard for six years to elect conservative Republicans and everyone knows it. Chris, this was a treacherous accusation and, really, should be embarrassing for you. Regarding Solomon Yue, yes he needs to, in my opinion, be sent packing. But I did NOT attempt to enlist you in defeating him. Read the letter! As I said above: your tirade is composed of lies and distortion, but I’ll add this here, too: your character assination is standard fare for the Left and your demonstration of it here is another good reason we need an EC regime change. And one more thing, you’re suggesting I “join the ORP” as it is? The current ORP EC has been a disaster on every level (except for some feeble fund-raisers), and everyone knows it. Leadership has to change dramatically if this state is to be saved, and if I am in the position to encourage that change, I’m very comfortable doing that. In fact, it’s my sweet-spot: fixing broken organizations. (And God knows that in a failing organization, the big changes must occur at the very top).

“Chris said: ..even declaring that immediately following the election he will be returning home to Kentucky, regardless of the outcome of the election.
——-Chris, I said in the letter (that I assumed was just between you and me), that Diana and I would be returning to our second home in Kentucky “for a while…right after the election.” We’ll be there for a short time. Diana’s elderly mother and daughter live there. Most people who know us realize that we go back and forth. So what? And for crying out loud, Chris. Diana and I cordially invited you and Greg to be our house guests before we left…

“Chris said: Clearly, Sam has no interest in forwarding the mission of the ORP, but only seeks to tear down its leadership, hamstring its candidates, and sow division among its voters.
——–WOW! SCC members, read my letter carefully, as a whole, and make up your own minds. Everything the OPR brass has thrown at me has been under the single assumption that “Sam is a really bad guy.” But, truth is, there is no evidence of that, and everything I’ve done or said (including the letter below that, as I said, you can read for yourself), supports the opposite interpretation…”

3. Original private letter from me to Chris, Friday the 13th. I had previously emailed Chris several times to chat. (She did not respond.)

Friday March 13, 2020
Off the record…

Chris: I’m writing this off-the-record and am specifically asking you to not share this with anyone except, of course, Greg.

Here’s what I’ve been trying to talk to you about: first, that I support you for National Committeewoman over Marylin. Clearly you are the passionate, hard-worker the ORP needs. (I’ve talked to Marylin, asking her to withdraw, but do not yet have her commitment). Truth is, I think you should be Chair, but I also understand you can’t hold both positions. So, my second point is this: Would Greg consider being ORP Chair? No question, he would provide the sorely missing leadership our Party needs to revive itself and to powerfully come together to change Oregon.

I think John is going to win the Committeeman seat, and if that does happen, my bet is that Bill Currier and Jeff Grossman will step down. And when Solomon Yue loses, he should step down immediately too. It’s what happened in New Hampshire a short time ago when the grassroots took control. (

If I don’t win the National Committeeman position, I do NOT want to be on the EC or be involved with internal ORP affairs. My immediate aim has been to remove Solomon Yue and his key lieutenants; for once and for all to give our Party a chance to unite and thus become a power for change.

We have SO much information about what Yue has done to wield his power and finance his lifestyle, that I am certain he can’t survive the election. Those sordid details will be sent out over the next seven days. (He should probably retire to minimize his embarrassment.)

So, with John as the new National Committeeman, and with the other near-inevitable personnel changes mentioned above, I much prefer to step away and continue to blog (or not…) while the EC makes its own way. However I am willing to help in whatever way I can to contribute to rebuilding the party (I have a giant mailing list of passionate followers, my tech guys can quickly straighten out the significant technical problems on the website and in Facebook, etc.).

And of course, if we could drop our defenses and work together it would quickly lead to the unification of the party we’ve all wanted.

If you want to chat about this more, Diana and I can come visit you in Salem. Or, you and Greg can come stay with us overnight in our home in Bend. OR we can just talk by phone. But after the SCC meeting, no matter the outcome, we’re  heading to our second home in Kentucky for a while. We’ll head out just after the meeting.

Again, Chris, PLEASE don’t share this message with anyone but Greg. Thanks.



Let’s Not Get Railroaded: Postpone the Election

Let’s preface the following with Ockham’s Law: “The Simplest Solution is Invariably the Correct Solution.”

Most of you know​ by ​now that ​ Saturday’s Republican Party State Central Committee gathering has been canceled by Chairman Bill Currier. (Or maybe you don’t know. Some Delegates have​ ​not been notified yet.)

But instead of postponing the meeting altogether, Chair Currier has decided to extract the most important part of it – the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman elections – and to conduct them “electronically,” this coming Saturday, the 21st.

Currier’s decision was unilateral. He didn’t formally consult the Executive Committee, or the County Chairs, or the Delegates…or the candidates.

Oh, I suppose maybe the ORP Bylaws allow him to get away with that. But his dictate sure annoyed a lot of people, to the point where in the last 24 hours, more than once, I’ve heard the words “recall Currier for this!”

If this election were to have proceeded as originally planned, our informal vote tally shows that Solomon Yue would NOT have been reelected National Committeeman. So, knowing that – and the history of the EC’s manipulations –  some leadership-level grassroots Republicans have been wondering exactly what the inevitable last-minute maneuvering would be. Now we know. (And I can’t help but think of Democrat Rahm Emanuel’s famous words, “never-Let-a-Crisis-Go-to-Waste.”)

Within C​u​rrier’s newly devised “safe-distance” meeting format, candidates are limited to an antiseptic six-minute phone and/or online “candidate speech” to Delegates. What this means is, essentially, opposing candidates like me will be silenced. Rather than simply postponing the entire meeting – like every other organization out there faced with the same COVID-19 challenges – top EC leadership has seized this opportunity to try to ram through this last-minute extreme “electronic” voting format change.

No small thing, and as you can see, Currier’s move significantly favors the reelection of the Executive Committee’s driving force, Solomon Yue – satisfying his almost bizarre obsession with holding onto power – for another four years. Isn’t fifteen years of failure enough?

(And it’s time to finally ask this, here: does anyone really think the imposing of this radical election format is Bill Currier’s personal decision? Don’t you think Solomon Yue is calling the shots, as he has from behind-the-curtain, for the past decade and a half?)

Of course, with the current COVID-19 hysteria, none of us are surprised the gathering was cancelled. But probably like you, and as I said, we expected the meeting to be postponed altogether and not have the most important part of it rammed through via some untested, complex electronic voting scheme. Here are the specific reasons why the Chair Currier/National Committeeman Solomon Yue decision to conduct electronic voting is a seriously bad idea:

  1. Nowhere in the real world is electronic voting standard protocol:  Federal, state or local. Why not? Because it’s fraught with opportunities for fraud, for loss and/or corruption of data, and for all the other inherent vagaries of hardware/software (e.g. the Iowa Caucuses last month). For an organization of our size, hard-copy voting is as close to fail-safe as one can get.
  2. Our candidate presentations would be​ delivered​ through ​a​ combination of online and/or telephone conference calling. ​S​ome candidates have prepared slides to illustrate their most important points. But most of our Delegates will be “attending” via phone, not computer. For them, the presenter’s main points will be indecipherable.
  3. More than a few of our Delegates WILL have technical complications. Getting 150 attendees up-and-running on their computers and/or phones at precisely the same time – via this brand-new ORP experiment – will, no question, lead to the exclusion of some number of frustrated Delegates from the proceedings and from the voting. I’ve owned a nationally-recognized tele-communications business for thirty-six years. Don’t argue with me about this.
  4. Speaking for myself and the other candidates, we deserve to be able to meet-and-greet delegates in-person: to talk, to answer questions, to present ourselves as leaders. That is impossible in a six-minute monologue over the phone or on a computer. Currier/Yue are single-handedly denying us that very standard election protocol.

We’ve always had “live” SCC voting. It’s always worked. Let’s not change that now because of little more than Ruling Class political expediency/panic.

No question, these National Committeeman and National Committeewoman elections should be postponed, most logically until the June SCC gathering. Postponement of the election is the simple solution. There is no rush! Who would object to this postponement except a tiny Executive Committee top leadership cabal that is, for whatever reason, desperately fixated on holding onto power…despite the political nightmare in Salem that they themselves presided over, if not outright cultivated.

Some would say that ORP’s Executive Committee’s colossal failures over the years have been the result of bad decision-making stemming from incompetent, part-time leadership. But is there a deeper, more sinister-factor? You decide: here’s a quote from a long-term former Executive Committee member, speaking anonymously about current ORP top-leadership:

“They stack the deck, count the votes, maintain every possible edge, and use any means to get rid of anybody who is perceived as a threat to their positions within the party, while still saving face.  Everything is about maintaining party control.”

What can YOU do to stop this faux-election? Contact Bill Currier or Solomon Yue directly, and/or your county GOP officers, and tell them the Executive Committee top leadership’s man-handling of this election – because of their own contrived political expediency – is not OK.

Without an ORP Executive Committee leadership shift, nothing is going to change in the ORP and therefore nothing is going to change in Salem. You know it’s true, and you know we can’t let that happen.

And remember this: redistricting will happen in 2021 and with our current supermajority legislature, Oregon will stay blue for no less than another generation.

Obviously, I’m not afraid to be bold about this. How about you?

Bill Currier and Solomon Yue should simply cancel plans for an “electronic” election this coming Saturday. Please immediately contact them, assertively encouraging them, and the Executive Committee, to make that decision.

-sam carpenter


Points 6-9: House race statistics, three minutes to speak, voter enthusiasm, questions for SY.

Note: Over these last ten days before the National Committeeman election, I will continue this series of messages to our State Central Committee Delegates and to our MOGA2020 email list. This series, you can find the first five points, here, has to do with the direction of the Party as channeled by its most senior member and Executive Committee power-broker, current National Committeeman Solomon Yue.

  1. The deadline for filing for Oregon public office was yesterday. As a whole, regarding the sixty House races, compared to 2018, how did things turn out? In 2018, twenty-five percent of our House races had no Republican candidate. This year? Just ten percent! It’s too bad we at MOGA2020 had to go over and above the ORP Executive Committee to assertively take up candidate recruitment – by far the most important task for any state GOP organization. For sure we are not responsible for all of the fifteen percent improvement – other people, including those in the House Caucus, and individuals in our county organizations – worked hard, too. But we sure as heck had something significant to do with a large chunk of this improvement…as well as the direct recruitment of a stellar Attorney General candidate, Daniel Crowe. And also, sure-as-heck, our ORP Executive Committee brass never did show much interest in recruitment.
  2. And regarding candidate recruitment, current ORP top leadership, ram-rodded by Solomon Yue, does not abide by its own Bylaw Mission Statement. The result? We get unqualified candidates or no candidates at all. THIS is why we have Democrat supermajorities and still must cope with an outrageous governor. The suggestion that Oregon conservative political impotence is the result of Republican “voter apathy,” is a blatant lie. Nearly 90% of Oregon Republicans voted in 2016 – percentage-wise, more than Democrats – and no small thing, mostly because of Donald Trump.
  3. In the first post in this series, I stated I was expecting to get five minutes to make my candidate presentation at the upcoming Executive Committee meeting. I was wrong. The Executive Committee is giving each candidate three minutes. In that regard, I sent this letter to Chair Bill Currier.
  4. There are questions that the ORP must answer. I first asked these fifteen questions last summer, but today I direct them to Solomon Yue who leads the Executive Committee from “behind the curtain.” Only one of the fifteen has been addressed, having to do with improvements in the Facebook Page and the website. (And note that this attempt at system improvement has been horribly bungled.*)

* A website expert reported the following, after reviewing the new ORP site: “The website is not mobile-friendly. No process has been implemented to allow responsiveness to the client platform. This is a major setback for search engine indexing and ranking The site has a multitude of SEO issues, missed AMP version of pages and structured data, etc. I’d grade the construction effort “F” (or even “E”) in terms of SEO optimization and site structure.”

Coronavirus in the real world.

I have four full-time employees in Northern Italy. Two of them are quarantined. According to them, and remember they LIVE there, the reason Italy is a “hot spot” is because Italy tests EVERYONE. France, and many other Women Western European countries? They only test people who are hospitalized.

And in any case, “the flu” is, and always has been, contagious. I think there is room to speculate that the panic is media-generated (and for one, Tucker Carlson should calm down about it. Watch this whole thing fade away by June. Your thoughts?

The future of Oregon hangs in the balance!

Subscribers: Representative Stark has given us permission to publish this insightful, informative essay. -sam

The future of Oregon hangs in the balance!
-by Duane Stark, Oregon House District 4

The rural / urban divide continues to grow as the Oregon Legislature is dominated by Portland Metro Legislators who are advancing an agenda that is contrary to our way of life. The Democrat Party has secured a supermajority in both the House (38-22) and the Senate (18-12). This means they can now pass any policy or tax without a single Republican vote. We experienced the negative effects of the supermajority this past session when Democrats passed a $2 billion hidden sales tax on Oregon’s working families without a single Republican vote. Without a balance of power, there is little motivation for the Democrats to collaborate with Republicans to develop legislation that is beneficial to ALL Oregonians. Instead, they pass legislation catering to Portland voters and special interests groups.

This past session, Republicans fought fiercely while maintaining respect and thoughtfulness in our debates. We were able to halt some of their agenda but in the end, due to the lopsided numbers, they were able to advance much of their Portland-driven legislation. What is their next step? They would like to take out two Republicans in the next election so that they don’t even need Republicans to show up in order to conduct business.

That’s why I’m asking for your help!

We must protect the Republicans we have in office and then pick up seats to restore much needed balance in our legislative process.

Simply put: (in the House)

  • Republicans Lose 2 seats = Democrats don’t even need a Republican in the building to do their business
  • Republicans Win 3 seats = Democrats would need at least one Republican vote to pass a tax (like the $2 billion tax they just passed.)
  • Republicans Win 8 seats = Democrats would need at least one Republican vote to pass any policy
  • Republicans Win 9 seats = Republican would be in the majority

Points One Through Five: I Only Get Three Minutes

As part of my campaign for ORP National Committeeman, my presentation at the March 21st Oregon Republican Party Central Committee election meeting will be an incredibly brief three minutes. There will be no way to cover everything that should be covered and so I will address those points this way, via email. Over the next two weeks I will send a series of messages like this one to SCC members. The messages will be brief, but I’ve added links if you want to go deeper (and I urge you to do that). Here are my first five points and they all have to do with the direction of the Party as channeled by its most senior member and obvious Executive Committee power-broker, current National Committeeman Solomon Yue.

  1. Democrats are waging an all-out war against us, and we need to fight back. Why doesn’t our top Republican Party leadership see this? Ninety-five percent of our Republican base joins President Trump in understanding this key point. (One has to give credit to our Democrat progressive opponents. Despite their insanity, they fight tooth-and-nail, they never back down, and they never apologize.)
  2. The Committeeman election is a critical fork-in-the-road for the ORP. Will our Party can keep going steeply downhill under the iron-grip leadership of National Committeeman Solomon Yue? Or will we elect new leadership, myself or John Lee, and dramatically change direction? Here in this homepage message, is an overview of our state Republican condition, and where I personally think the ORP should be headed .
  3. Leadership must stop moving to the Left, trying to appease a fictitious “blue Oregon.” Let’s proudly and confidently go back to our conservative roots. Here are successful examples of this approach. But good grief. Just watch Donald Trump and follow his lead. (And, Diana says, “Donald Trump is packing around a sack of backbones and he’s giving them away for free.”)
  4. The current top leadership’s enthusiasm for our president is thin and has a very short history. Don’t be fooled. After four years, it’s time to climb on the Trump Train like we mean it. We must stop squandering this incredible opportunity to take back power! THIS video says it all.
  5. We need a professional, properly funded organization. At a minimum this means an occupied headquarters office, a full-time paid Chairman/Executive director, and a full-time paid office manager. Our underfunded ORP organization, headed up by too-busy-elsewhere Solomon Yue (and executed by part-time Chairman Bill Currier), is little more than a social club. Donors, mostly business people,  see this colossal organizational failure and so they stay away. It’s a vicious circle.

Oregon Governor Promises Executive Action On Climate

Keeping in mind that this is a left-leaning OPB article (see link below), here’s the ultimate take-away…and it’s very good news: if Governor Brown moves ahead with an Executive Order on a new carbon tax, she will be guaranteeing the election of a conservative Republican governor in 2022. (And yes, whatever Executive Order Brown implements will be immediately rescinded by this new governor).

Boosted by President Trump’s electoral coattails, the House and the Senate will go Red by 2022, too.

We must stick together on this, and in our immediate outrage lets NOT institute another Recall effort or create any other distraction from what we can accomplish the simple and quick old-fashioned way, through elections.

And for sure, we must change our current Oregon Republican Party leadership to make this happen. We’ll do that the simple way too, this year, through our Party’s own internal electoral process.


One last thing: MANY thanks to our Republican legislators for courageously walking away from our current Democrat Progressive overlords. Now the people will be backing you up. Just watch!