Sam Carpenter on President Donald J. Trump

UPDATE: The voter pamphlets are out – and you will be able to see, out of 17 candidates for governor, only SAM CARPENTER was willing to put, in writing, for the voters to see, that he supports our President. No other candidate, not even the other Republicans, is willing to make so much as a single statement in support of our Commander-in-Chief. Their silence speaks volumes!

“I’m a businessman and understand the hammer-blow Oregon’s small businesses have taken in Oregon over the last decades. The Trump boom is on, no matter the caterwauling of the progressive far-left. I have supported President Trump since before the 2016 primary. I endorsed Donald Trump when no other statewide candidate in Oregon would. And I have never wavered in my support. Oregon needs its own Donald Trump to Make Oregon Great Again.” – Sam Carpenter

Sam Carpenter, standing apart from virtually every other Oregon candidate for any office, publicly endorsed Donald J. Trump for President before the 2016 Oregon primary. He stood by Trump throughout his presidential campaign and stands by him today as our President.

Since taking office, President Trump has succeeded by:

  • Appointing Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court
  • Building the most business and operationally-focused Cabinet of our time
  • Increasing GDP growth over 3%
  • Boosting consumer confidence to record highs
  • Leading an economic tsunami that raised the Dow Jones Industrial Average by 25% and added $5 trillion – TRILLION – of wealth to the United States
  • Crushing ISIS
  • Withdrawing from the utterly useless Paris Accords
  • Eliminating 22 regulations for every new regulation produced
  • Starting construction on the border wall
  • Cracking down on illegal aliens in criminal gangs and cartels
  • Implementing a travel ban from nations known as terror sponsors
  • Defunding abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood in the U.S. and abroad
  • Taking first steps to move the U.S Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
  • Leading the way to the largest tax reform bill since Reagan

These are just a few of the highlights of President Trump’s first year in office. It is easy to see why, in poll after poll, nearly 90% of Republicans support President Trump, 70% “strongly.” But it is baffling why any “Republican” politician would still, to this day, remain part of the so-called #NeverTrump movement.

It is vital for a governor to have a good working relationship with the President. Presidents oversee federal disaster relief to states, are responsible for administration of programs working in partnership between the federal government and the states, command state National Guard units during wartime, and enforce federal laws across the states. A governor needs to be able to pick up the phone and call the President, knowing the President will be ready to listen.

Unfortunately for Oregon, progressive Governor Kate Brown has opted instead to launch a “resistance” movement – reflexively rejecting all-things-Trump out of political spite. Oregon cannot afford to nominate a Republican alternative to Brown who does not draw a clear contrast with her ridiculous anti-Trump obstructionism. While other candidates hold their fingers to the wind and needlessly speak out against President Trump based on a single sensationalist news cycle, Sam Carpenter remains true to the conservative principles and leadership that earned Trump the nomination and election. As governor, Sam Carpenter will have the trust and respect of the President of the United States and will be able to build upon that foundation to ensure Oregon is best able to utilize support from the federal government.

Watch Sam Carpenter discuss a rally for Donald Trump:

“In my bid for US Senate in 2016, I was the single Oregon candidate who publicly endorsed Donald Trump prior to the Oregon primaries. I supported candidate Trump then, I support President Trump now, and I stand by my endorsement and my vote fully and completely. President Trump is making America Great Again – and, as governor – I will Make Oregon Great Again.” – Sam Carpenter