Sam Carpenter on Veterans

For years, our governments – both federal and state – have failed our veterans. If any Americans have earned benefits, it is those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. Now we must do more.

Every day, we see more headlines about scandals from the Department of Veterans Affairs and the failure of our federal and state governments to serve our veterans and their families.

Oregonians voted OVERWHELMINGLY to pass Measure 96, a ballot measure to guarantee additional funding to serve veterans. By an unprecedented 8 to 1 margin, Oregonians stood up to support those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom and our country.

But Kate Brown betrayed the voters, and betrayed our veterans. Utterly rejecting the spirit of Measure 96 and the nearly universal will of the voters, she immediately CUT spending on veterans services.

We must make full funding of veterans’ services a top priority and undo the reckless, heartless cuts of Kate Brown.

We cannot allow a single veteran to remain homeless or without necessary services from the very government they fought to support and defend.