Next MOGA2020 effort

As a project-based organization, what is our next effort? It’s to remove the current Democrat Supermajorities in Salem, both in the House and in the Senate. We will be working with on-the-edge candidates to help drive them to victory on November 3rd.

And what’s after that? In 2020, let’s go for the Oregon Red Trifecta.* That means winning both sides of the legislature AND winning the governorship.

Oregon Republican voters like you are ON FIRE and have had a bellyful of the progressive Left and their sympathizers within our own Party.

Evidence? Republicans are competing in 90% of Oregon House races in 2020. (In 2018 it was only 75%). And nationally, look at Donald Trump’s accomplishments…and consider the viability of his most likely Democrat Opponent, Joe Biden. Know for sure that on November 3rd, all across America, there will be a Democrat defeat of biblical proportions. And also know for sure the momentum will sweep through Oregon.

This deep-state arrogance opens up the door to a very special political revolution beginning in November of this year. The Democrat impeachment boondoggle, the booming economy, the seriously flawed Democrat nominee, and the COVID-19 manipulation/entrapment/insanity insure a Donald Trump victory in November. And with this, regular Oregonians like us have an opportunity to, in Salem, finally take back our state.

* Red Trifecta: in a state, when both chambers of the legislature and the governorship are Republican. Right now, Oregon is a blue trifecta.