September 1st, 2017

Make Oregon Great Again!

I’ve opened an exploratory committee for the Oregon governor’s race.

Yes, my team and I passionately support the Trump vision. See my press release

Especially note the final paragraph of the press release: it’s not enough for us to win the governor’s seat in 2018: at the same time let’s also turn both sides of our legislature red. (This will be the Oregon RED Trifecta… Of the 50 states, there are already 26 red trifectas, and just 5 blue…).

Only by doing this, can we get things fixed FAST. (And, as an aside, why would I want to govern if it would include a daily face-off with a ruling far-left progressive legislature?)

Starting Sunday I will begin my Facebook “Sixty in Sixty” series, where I will, over the next sixty days, make sixty points about what our aim would be should I decide to run: taking away control of our state government from progressive far-left leadership and returning it to you and me, the regular people who have been ignored for so long; the people who quietly work, pay the taxes, raise the kids and operate the machinery that is Oregon.