Point #1: Oregon’s Red Trifecta

September 4th, 2017

In 2018, replacing Governor Kate Brown with a Republican but allowing the blue legislature to remain, is like putting a Band Aid on a bullet wound. If we’re to get this state fixed, we need an Oregon Red Trifecta. This means the House and Senate in Salem must go red, too.

You doubt that’s possible? Consider this: In the U.S. right now there are 26 Red Trifecta states and just 6 Blue. (Most recently, via the 2016 elections, 4 brand new Red Trifectas emerged).

The governor’s seat? Right now, exactly 70% of our states have Republican governors.

The movement in this direction began in 2009.

And think about this: In gauging individual freedom and opportunity, since January we’ve seen huge advancements in the social, judicial, trade, financial, jobs and immigration/security arenas. Confidence levels in the markets are at all-time highs. Last quarter, nationally, after just 7 months of the Trump administration, we had a 3% increase in GDP, the highest in ELEVEN years.

At this pace, and despite an unruly DC Congress and the silly mainstream media tantrum, can you imagine where we will be twelve months from now, just before election time?

A Red Trifecta in Oregon in January 2019 isn’t a long-shot. It’s probable, as long as we stand up tall and do things right.

But Oregonians ask, why have we been wallowing in far-left Progressive leadership while the rest of the country cuts loose from it? Why have we middle-class Oregonians continued to have to deal with economic malaise, bottom-of-the-heap schools, high taxes, too many business regulations, attacks on the 1st and 2nd amendments, a pervasive drug culture, joblessness, riots in Portland, raging wildfires, and enormous debt?

The answer to these questions is simple: because we have continued to allow ourselves to be intimidated by Far-left Progressives…while their bullying has been stopped in most of the rest of the country! Truth is, you and I have had more than a bellyful of Progressive leadership, and the time is ripe for an Oregon political revolution.

It’s time for you and me, and our leadership, to step up.

How large is the Oregon progressive far-left constituency? Maybe 20% of the population. They’ve had their chance over the last three decades. Now it’s time for you and me, the other 80%, to take control.

And I’ll add this: Any Republican candidate for public office in Oregon who thinks a Red Trifecta is an impossible goal should not be running for office.

If I do run for governor, most of my post-Primary time will be spent campaigning with those Republican House and Senate candidates who are passionate about creating the Oregon Red Trifecta.

A Republican governor isn’t enough. We’re going to take control of the legislature too.