Point #100: Newspapers, Guns, and Splitting the Vote

April 30th, 2018

1. In the past week I declined four large Oregon mainstream newspaper invitations to their respective “Endorsement Interviews.” Why? First, because those four really are propagators of Fake News and in the past they have routinely distorted my messages, and second, I am their worst nightmare so they would never endorse me anyway. (And yes, I am Kate’s worst nightmare, too.) As governor I will be connecting with Oregonians one-on-one with social media. Let the other guy brag about being endorsed by Willamette Week. I’ll brag about being endorsed by Susie Hammond, Aaron and Melissa Klein, Sheriff Glenn Palmer and the hundreds of thousands of Oregon’s forgotten men and women who are ready to Make Oregon Great Again!

2. Just an interesting observation: I am listed LAST in the Voter’s pamphlet AND on the ballot…and Knute Buehler is listed first in each. What an amazing coincidence! My statistician friend puts the odds of this happening at 1 in 3,600. Well, you know what they say: ALWAYS SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST!

3. Regarding the OSTV (Oregon Split the Vote) effort. It may not be enough to insure a Knute Buehler victory – you still have time to push me over the top. Bruce Cuff was at 3% in the April 28th Triton poll when he quit the race to Join OSTV leader Greg Wooldridge. In that same poll, Wooldridge’s number was under 12%, up just a few points from the February 26th poll when he was at 8%. There’s no momentum there. Jeff Smith remains at 2%: insignificant, but part of the cabal. We can win with the aggressive GOTV (Get Out The Vote) effort, currently underway – so be sure that YOU vote, and tell your family and friends to vote!

4. Why are we not doing TV, like Knute Buehler? Our campaign budget is $250,000. Buehler’s is 12 times as much, $3,000,000, which is an unprecedented amount to spend on a primary election. Some say he is buying the nomination. But if you all come through with significant last minute donations, we get can add a TV campaign. For now, we are focused on best-bang-for-the-buck marketing and continued grassroots support.

5. For conservative Oregonians, and as voting begins, what five issues are especially on-fire? In alphabetical order:
a. enthusiasm for President Donald Trump
b. infringement efforts on the 2nd Amendment
c. Kate Brown and her progressive far-left government
d. state-sponsored protection of criminal illegal aliens
e. state-sponsored, taxpayer funded late-term abortion

6. The top three differences between me and Knute Buehler? I am pro-life, support our Commander in Chief, and believe the 2nd Amendment is fine as-is. Buehler is pro-choice, disdains Donald Trump, and has a gun rights restriction voting record.

And finally,

7. Diana and I had a BLAST this weekend, blowing off some steam with a great bunch of patriots who fully support our Second Amendment rights! Gun rights WILL be a top issue in the general election, and I am the only NO COMPROMISE candidate still in this race. If you want to ensure your Second Amendment rights remain intact, then you must VOTE!

With me in the photo, L to R: Bryan Mumford, owner of PDX Arsenal Conceal and Carry; Corey King and Robbie Beam co-founders of Oregonians Against the Assault Weapon Ban.

Profuse THANKS to David and Jo Ann Frazier, Owners of BeaverCreek Armory and Indoor Range in Hillsboro for the use of their facility in their filming of a new video expressing my personal stance on IP43 and IP44, soon to be released.

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