Point #103: Questions for Knute and Greg

May 7th, 2018

Questions, questions, questions…

1. Knute Buehler’s desperate and pathetic attack accuses me of “lying” about him. What lies have I told, Knute? Was I lying when I said you are pro-choice? You said it yourself in your own “Democrats for Knute” commercial – watch it again here.

Was I lying when I said you received an F grade from Oregon Firearms Federation because of your voting history for gun control? I’ve linked their ratings here.

Was I lying when I said you oppose President Trump? You said flat out you didn’t even vote for him, while launching an anti-Trump tirade, and you called for the “Russian Collusion/Obstruction” witch hunt. Here’s documentation of it – your own words

Where did I lie about you, Knute?

2. Is it just a coincidence that Knute’s sudden foray into negative ads against me came out just before this damning article from Gateway Pundit exposed his highly questionable real estate dealings and personal profiteering from the OSU Cascades Campus fiasco?


Did Knute know this was coming? Did he need a diversion? I’m not making an accusation. I’m just asking honest questions here – questions voters might want answered…

3. Speaking of Gateway Pundit, is it fair to question where Greg Wooldridge is getting his funding – and what motives his funders might have?


Why would democrat donors want to see Greg jump into this race? Has the goal been “Oregon Split The Vote” all along?

4. Greg Wooldridge has said repeatedly on the campaign trail that “some people talked him into running.”

In light of the previous questions, we should be asking: “what people?” Who talked you into running, Greg? And why did you need to be talked into it?

5. Why isn’t our mainstream media asking these questions? Oh… never mind…