Point #104: Leadership Is More…

May 10th, 2018

Leadership is more than just being in charge. A manager with strong charisma can take control of a group and manage it successfully – only to watch it fall apart as soon as he steps away. We see this in business all the time – a company is successful but as soon as one CEO moves on and a new one steps in, things come unglued.

An effective leader does more than just manage. A top CEO develops internal systems that continue to function flawlessly into the future, no matter who is in charge. And that’s what I do – I even wrote a book about it.

A “systems-mindset” is vital to the long-term success of a business – or a government.

Think about it.

In the business world, a company might have the same boss for 20 years – only changing leadership when the founder retires or sells the company. But in government, leaders are up for re-election every few years – and the top executive, the governor, has a maximum of a two-term limit. There is always turnover. New faces are constantly stepping in to take charge. And what those new faces DO impacts more than just the government – it impacts all our lives.

But for generations we’ve had an Oregon government run by bureaucrats. None have approached our Salem government with a business-oriented systems-mindset, the mindset of a successful executive. In Salem we have unending chaos, and problems that are never solved – only shuffled forward from administration to administration. PERS. Healthcare. Forests. Education. On and on, problematic systems handed off from one bureaucrat to another.

And that dysfunction is SO expensive, and SO hard on citizens and taxpayers…

Every-day processes are not created and managed properly, and it must be said, there is no passion for creating a systematic “the bottom line matters” mentality throughout the organization.

Have a new problem? Raise taxes and create more bureaucracy! That’s not leadership.

Other candidates talk about the failure of Kate Brown (and she IS a failure!) and how they would do a better job managing the mess. “We need new leadership!” But they never talk about intensely managing the internal SYSTEMS in the machine that is our government; to build a leaner and more efficient organization that runs smoothly, almost effortlessly, no matter who takes over next. That’s what I’ll do – and that’s what sets me apart from the other candidates in this race.

And yes, revamping internal systems starts with changing leadership: governor, department heads and on down the line, as necessary, removing those people who only know how to manage and survive chaos, and who don’t have a clue (or simply don’t care) about efficiency and a positive bottom-line for their constituents: you and me, regular Oregonians.

If you want to change the SYSTEM of Oregon government, then VOTE for me, Sam Carpenter. And of course, we’ll need a Republican legislature, too: we must have the 2018 Oregon RedTrifecta if the rebuilding is to happen quickly. I don’t want to be fighting the last vestiges of progressivism in our state.

Let’s take it all back, now!

You can learn more about the systems-mindset approach in business by reading my book, “Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less.” And my second book is about the same methodology, but it’s for those who don’t operate a business. It’s “The Systems Mindset: Managing the Machinery of Your Life.” And no, I’m not here to sell you books! You can download either or both, for FREE, here.

I’m a fixer and a builder, and our Oregon government is a broken system. Yes, I really am the one to rebuild it so it efficiently fulfills its primary task: serving the people of Oregon.

But time is running out!

Be sure to VOTE today! And don’t just mail your ballot in – it’s too late to mail after today – drop it off at your county clerk’s office or designated drop site. Together, we WILL Make Oregon Great Again!