Point #105: I am the One to Defeat Kate Brown

Are you a “single issue” voter? Some people are: they have a litmus-test for the Second Amendment, or abortion, or supporting our President (I pass all three). But as I talk with thousands of Oregon voters, the single biggest litmus test is, “who has the best chance to beat Kate Brown?”

I pass that test too, stronger than any other candidate, by far.

But in this post, I’m not going to talk about other candidates – I’m going to talk about Sam Carpenter. And I really am the strongest candidate to take on the radical progressive far-left Kate Brown and turn over the applecart in Salem. Here’s why:

1. For years – for three decades – the “certified smart” people have said “you have to be moderate so you can win Portland.” And every time they’ve tried this, they’ve failed. Instead, the winning candidate must have to be CONSERVATIVE and stand true to the Republican Party platform in order to rally the voters across ALL of Oregon. And there are plenty of conservatives in Portland, too…

Consider this: there are 650,000 people in Portland – but there are 4,200,000 people in OREGON. Until now, most of Oregon has given up voting, thinking Portland runs the show…why bother? But a candidate who can unite the people around the state can WIN – and WIN BIGLY!

2. It’s not just Republicans we need to defeat Kate Brown. We need Independent and non-affiliated voters. We need the Libertarian and Constitution Party voters. And, no question – we need to win over a few Democrats. But is moderation the key to winning them? NO!

For starters, the Independent/NAV voters are already primed to vote against Kate Brown. In our scientific polling (which we have made public, even when it isn’t the best news for us, just to be transparent), the Independent/NAV voters consistently choose “any Republican” over Kate Brown, by an average of 53% to 37%. And these voters are not all “moderate.” This broad and diverse group of voters runs the gamut from very liberal to very conservative. Then there are the Libertarian and Constitution Parties – many of them have very strong conservative leanings on issues like the Second Amendment. Playing for “the middle” alienates a majority of these voters.

Then there’s the Democrats. You know, there was a time in this country when a lot of conservative folks were Democrats. But the party has changed. It is no longer the party of JFK (who, today, would likely be a mainstream Republican – tax-cutting, pro-business, pro-America, anti-communist). Now it is the party of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi… and Kate Brown. It is the PROGRESSIVE Party. A good number of Democrats are ready to break with their party – and for that very reason, I’ve been repeating again and again the important message: DEMOCRATS ARE NOT THE ENEMY! The radical progressive far-left (who mostly happen to BE Democrats) are the enemy – but Democrat voters? They’re your neighbors, your coworkers, even your kids at the Thanksgiving table – they’re good people who have been abandoned by their party, and we should welcome them. No other candidate has said this – I have, and it is resonating all across Oregon.

And that’s just part of the reason why, in our polling, I fare the best against Kate Brown one on one – beating her by over 5 points, a larger margin than any other potential nominee.

3. People want CHANGE. I know, I know, after Obama, “change” seems like a dirty word in politics. But let’s, you and me, take this state back! We’ve had 32 years of radical progressive far-left leadership in Oregon and it has taken a devastating toll. All across Oregon, voters are crying out for SOMETHING to change. Two years ago, the nation went through this – and elected President Donald Trump. Oregon, unfortunately, was a little behind the curve – even our own gubernatorial nominee fought against the Trump movement (and look how that worked out for him).

I am the true political outsider. I am a private sector CEO, not a government bureaucrat. My largest political contribution? $8,000 (the vast majority of my total donations have been between $5 and $50). I have no political ties; no political debts to pay. I will bring the fresh perspective to government that understands the real-life struggles faced by 350,000 small business owners in our state. I’m the voice for real Oregonians. And I’m a turnaround specialist.

I’ve faced plenty of struggles of my own. My early business years were replete with failure – struggling to make payroll, even losing my house and standing on the verge of losing everything. Then I turned it around. I rebuilt my business into an efficient machine, growing in size, adding customers, creating jobs, and becoming the most profitable in the industry. I put this experience down on paper, writing a business book to help others rise above their struggles as I had. Pretty soon, I started up a new consulting business – and have since helped over 500 businesses across 300 industries turn around.

That’s the type of change America sought from Donald Trump. That’s the change Oregon needs now.

4. Speaking of the Trump movement, it should be pretty clear by now that I am the only candidate in the race who represents the Trump movement – I’m here to Make Oregon Great Again!

But some of those “certified smart” folks will try to warn you this is a liability. They’re wrong.

Yes, Trump lost Oregon. But that’s not the bellwether the self-proclaimed “experts” would have you believe. Here are some points to consider:

Trump was not campaigning to win Oregon. Trump was campaigning to win the Electoral College – so he consolidated his forces from states like Oregon and redeployed them into states like Michigan. And what was the result? Michigan, a reliably “blue” state for decades, went for Donald Trump. As did Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, etc. Democrat strongholds that have struggled for decades as their economic bases collapsed under the burden of oppressive regulation – kind of like Oregon, with its devastated timber industry…

Many Republicans in 2016 were wary of Donald Trump and did not vote for him, thinking he was not a “real” Republican. This was especially true in Oregon. But what has Trump done since taking office? He’s been one of the most successful, most conservative, most REPUBLICAN Presidents we’ve ever seen. Will those reluctant Republicans who didn’t turn out for Trump remain at odds? No. Most of them have already come back into the fold.

And Trump approval? It is on the rise – and by November it could be VERY high. Today, Donald Trump is steady at 50% according to daily Rasmussen polling – and that’s despite a never-ending media onslaught and the DC swamp out to destroy him. But the attacks have failed. Russian collusion? Nonsense! As leftist attack after leftist attack fails, the other side is running out of ammo. Meanwhile, Trump has succeeded with tax cuts, ending the Obamacare individual mandate, destroying ISIS, revitalizing our economy, ending our bad trade deals, breaking off the horrifically bad Iran deal… oh, and he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for bringing North Korea and South Korea together for peace talks for the first time in almost 70 years.

Come November, being associated with Donald Trump will be a positive for any candidate…believe me!

And finally…

5. I engage with people. Take a look around this Facebook page: pushing fast toward 100,000 likes, hundreds of new followers every day, tens of thousands of comments and shares – why? It’s partly the message – Oregonians hunger for a conservative who will Make Oregon Great Again. But it’s also the result of months and months of hard work, communicating directly with you, the voters. I’m listening to you. I’m answering your questions. And Diana and I have been traveling across the state for months, meeting with groups of Republican voters; unafraid to face tough questions.

Why am I unafraid? For two reasons:

First, I’ve put in plenty of time preparing, learning the issues, and putting together detailed policy positions that express my conservative views and adhere to the Republican Party platform. Spend some time on my website, www.makeoregongreatagain.com, and see – then compare it to the other candidates! And second, because I tell you what I believe. I don’t try to play two sides on controversial issues. I stick to my principles. That makes it easy to speak out with confidence. You don’t have to agree with me on everything – and it’s ok if you don’t. But you’ll know where I stand. Principles matter.

That connection to all of you is why I will bring out droves of voters from all across Oregon – that’s why I’ll defeat Kate Brown.

So what do these five points all add up to?

They add up to Republican victory in November. And I’m not just talking about defeating Kate Brown – I’m talking about an Oregon Red Trifecta: A Republican governor with a Republican controlled Senate and House. And I’m talking about some serious down-ballot wins, too.

Kate Brown will be a tough challenger – she will have millions of dollars, the media, and the entire radical progressive far-left deep state at her back. But she is not invulnerable. Her unpopularity could allow any Republican challenger to defeat her – but that’s just HER we are talking about. Across the state, other Democrat candidates seeking re-election are unburdened by her personal unpopularity, and can easily win re-election if Republican turnout is low. That’s why we need a candidate who can rally the Republican base and maximize turnout across Oregon. Again, that’s me: Sam Carpenter. And I’m the ONLY candidate who has been actively promoting the Oregon Red Trifecta in addition to my own campaign.

If you want to end Kate Brown’s reign AND usher in a new Republican-controlled legislature, then you really have but one choice:

Vote for me, Sam Carpenter, for Governor of Oregon – and get your ballots in by May 15.

(Remember, it’s too late to return your ballot by mail – to ensure your vote is counted, drop off your ballot at your county clerk’s office or designated drop site.)

I thank you for your vote – and together, we WILL Make Oregon Great Again!