Point #106: Upholding the Law

May 11th, 2018

No, I do not and will not support IP 43.

On the Lars Larson show today, I said that if a bad idea becomes law, I will have to enforce it – which is true. Governors don’t get to pick and choose what laws they will and won’t support. But there’s a LOT of fighting to do before a bad idea becomes law and I do NOT support IP 43 in any way, shape, or form.

Here’s the reality – once a bad idea becomes law and has overcome all legal challenges, the governor is required to enforce it. I would not be like Kate Brown (or Barack Obama) and rule by whim. That’s exactly the problem we’ve had for years – rogue dictators ruling without regard to the law!

And my primary opponents? With glee, they brag about not enforcing the law.

Not me – as governor, I will uphold all the laws, whether I like them or not.

THIS was the general point I was making from the podium!

But I would move Heaven and Earth to change a bad law – and if IP 43 becomes law, I will do everything to undo it.

If I am elected and IP 43 passes, I will take every possible legal action to have it rejected as an unconstitutional law and, if necessary, pursue it all the way to the United States Supreme Court – because the Constitution is THE law. Until such time as a final verdict is rendered, I will not consider it a “law” to be followed.

Better yet, let’s just ensure it never passes in the first place.