Point #118: Most of the rest of the United States has “gone red.”

November 30th, 2018

Most of the rest of the United States has “gone red.” We Oregon grassroots Republicans have swallowed the assumption of “Blue Oregon” for little more reason than our own propensity for being intimidated. Per the 2018 election results, nationally:

  • There are twenty-three “red trifecta” states, and fourteen blue
  • The majority of our governors are Republicans
  • The majority of our state Senates are Republican controlled
  • The majority of our state Houses are Republican controlled
  • Republicans have solid control of the U.S Senate
  • The President is Republican

Under President Donald Trump, the official federal government positioning now? Overseas, strength has replaced appeasement. Nationally, a surging economy has replaced economic malaise, and the rule of law is paramount.

The Left has predicted global apocalypse at every turn, but of course Earth has not stopped rotating on its axis!

Obama’s “fundamental American transformation” of reduced freedom, anti-constitution rulings, and apology is flat-out, over.

Sanity has returned, and people all over the country have noticed.

For the record, let’s consider the actual successes of the Trump administration: Overseas, there is no more appeasement and apology. We are defending our manufacturers and workers via strong trade protective actions: the TPP is gone. Canada and Mexico? NAFTA is history and we have a brand new agreement, signed just yesterday – very much in our favor. Involvement in the Paris Climate Accord is no more, ISIS is altogether eliminated (remember, whole families dying together in vats of boiling oil and rows of men beheaded in unison?), NATO members have substantially increased their contributions. North Korea’s official attitude has taken a 180 degree turn with nuclear facilities being dismantled. The Iran deal is terminated, and Iran, China and Russia are on notice with our non-apologetic sanctions. The U.S. embassy is now in Jerusalem.

And in less than two years, a total of seventeen overseas hostages have been returned to the U.S. due to Donald Trump’s personal involvement.

Nationally? The U.S. is now exporting more energy than any other nation, the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines are under construction, nonsensical regulation on business continues to be dramatically reduced, DACA has been halted, “net-neutrality,” is over. The Supreme Court is now a strong majority-constitutional/strict-constructionist body. A new tax package lit the economic fuse with GDP growth now approaching 4%. Our overall unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 50 years – the lowest its EVER been for minorities; middle-class income is at an all-time high, Wall Street equity has increased by well over 10 Trillion dollars. And, illegal immigration is way, way down with human trafficking, gangs and drug importation dramatically reduced (and the border wall hasn’t even been finished yet…).

The lists go on and on. Incredible!

The point is this: The positive results as noted above impact ALL Americans, including Americans in Oregon!

The misconception that Oregon is different is a result of the mainstream media, our own anemic Oregon Republican Party (we NEED a change in leadership), and an embedded chronic willingness to bow to the progressive Left without questioning their motives and their manipulations. No more!

Here in Oregon, let’s get caught up with the rest of the country!

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