Point #29: The Oregon Red Trifecta’s smaller and enormously more efficitent government

October 11th, 2017

Leadership will have no ulterior political motives. There will be no favors to large donors, lobbyists and unions. There will be no bureaucratic strangleholds.

Subtle political power-plays, favors for preferred groups, and/or too much bureaucracy distract from the main goal of serving the people of Oregon. This inefficiency creates sheer waste, as our Oregon society deteriorates into lawlessness and debt.

This is going to stop in November of next year.

And in our revitalized Oregon government there will not be systemic pressure for the growth of itself.
Yes, government should have zero-based budgeting and never show a red bottom line.

This enormously more efficient, downsized government-machine, with all internal elements headed in the same direction, will be the result of relentless streamlining: deleting, creating, privatizing, automating, and making necessary personnel-adjustments. I call this methodology, “continuous system improvement.”

Directed properly – toward the betterment of our economy and civic life – it’s the never-ending process of making things better and better with every passing moment.

This is the opposite of ideological-driven leadership, bureaucracy, fire-killing, and the resultant mediocrity.
How long will it take to accomplish this turn-around? Years. There is a lot to unravel. But the first improvements will come within weeks.