Point #34: Kate Brown’s stance regarding the PERS crisis

October 17th, 2017

Kate Brown’s stance regarding the PERS crisis is look-the-other-way. In 2002 she said: “PERS ought to be fixed, but now is not the time.” Now, fifteen years later, Governor Brown still shrugs it off, focusing instead on creating new taxes. Some news briefs:

Gov. Kate Brown…responded to this threat with a shrug of resignation. -Statesman Journal, September, 2015

Gov. Kate Brown and the Democratic legislative leadership have been looking the other way while others have fashioned proposals. -The Bulletin, November 2016

If lawmakers debate any PERS changes, it would mark a reversal from the last two sessions. Gov. Kate Brown…reluctance to take on the issue. -The Oregonian, January 2017

Lawmakers have compiled a list of money-saving pension reforms, but Gov. Kate Brown…did not take up any of the proposals. -The Washington Times, August 2016

Gov. Kate Brown…another turn of her back to the $22 billion unfunded liability of the state’s pension fund. -The Bulletin, January 2017

This is courtesy of Jeff Kropf, http://oregonponzischeme.com/