Point #59: The real war is not between left and right

October 30th, 2017

It’s between the political establishment and the American people. This establishment class, what I sometimes call the “ruling class,” is comprised of a small minority of Democrats AND Republicans who live and thrive on big government…and yes, it’s not just politicians, political consultants and attorneys, it reaches deep down into what one could call the “administrative state.”

These are government worker unions that extract mandatory dues from their members. As well, there are private companies that feed on government contracts, grants and other favors. Also, there are the “non-profit” and “higher-education” cabals, and even whole industries (“green energy” comes to mind).

This establishment class has its own PC-language and attitudes. Members are easily distinguished once one understands the game.

Their leadership has this in common: their futures and financial well-being are dependent on big-government. What else do these people have in common? An arrogant disdain for the majority of Americans who they are certain are too intellectually and socially inferior to manage their own lives.

How does the descriptor “progressive far-left” fit in? It’s the establishment’s driving force, the front-line propagators of what I call, the unfairness doctrine: “you have been victimized and we are here to defend you.”
Does Donald Trump belong to this class? No, and he never will. He’s from Queens in NYC…and he won’t play their game. It’s why the establishment – left and right – hammer on him so hard. He’s upsetting their ruling class apple cart, and they won’t go down without a fight.

Is there a ruling class/establishment class in Salem. Oh yes.

How did the ruling class develop? It’s a government-orientation that is the result of our public educational system – “government schools” – that throw down the unfairness doctrine from grade school all the way up to the blue-blood universities that produce their top leadership.

Is this ruling class vs. regular Americans, a war? Yes.