Point #60: We conservatives must stop hammering on the broad descriptors, “Democrats” and “Liberals”

October 30th, 2017

These Americans are not the enemy. More correctly, our nemesis and target is the “progressive far-left.” Yes, progressives happen to belong to the Democratic Party, but they are less than half of Democrats…and no more than 15% of all voters.

Most Democrats and liberals are quietly aware that it’s their current progressive far-left leadership that has let them down, a leadership that has not represented them properly.

They too, are being held hostage.

So I’m not going to bash “Democrats” and “Liberals.” A huge portion of them are our friends and neighbors, and are ready to join the movement…if we would stop insulting them for what their leadership has done.

Regular non-progressive main-stream Democrats are over-taxed and over-regulated, too. They experience the outfall of illegal immigration, off-shoring, lawlessness, little upward mobility, drug abuse and expensive health care, just like you and me. Obviously, they live in houses and apartments, have children, jobs, hopes, expectations and fears just like anyone else.

These Democrats – and there are a LOT of them – have nowhere to go if we belittle them. Let’s not confuse them with their current far-left leadership which is a tiny contingent of leaders…whose incompetence is only exceeded by their hostility.

We conservatives have been wrong-headed. The people who must be removed from leadership via the ballot box – yes at all levels of government – are far-left progressives, a small minority of the population.