Point #64: Free Market

November 11th, 2017

Really, this is the key to personal freedom and economic good-times for Oregonians, as we compete with one another in the private sector to produce better and better products and services, while government handles limited but necessary regulatory, infrastructure and judicial tasks, working tooth-and-nail to promote economic success, not systematically punish it.

Is government necessary? Of course it is, but even under the best of circumstance it is inherently inefficient for two primary reasons: first, it’s “other people spending other people’s money.” And second, there is no competitive marketplace for the services it provides. (Can that change? To some degree yes, by government taking a smaller footprint, turning loose many government agencies to the open market. In the big picture? No. It comes with the territory…and that’s why government must be limited in scope.)

No matter the quality of service it produces for you and me, our Salem government is fueled by tax money. The current government is the perfect illustration of the above two economic fundamentals in action in the extreme. With this poorly administrated government, our taxes go higher, quality of services go down, and you and I become, essentially, wards of the very people who have been elected to serve us. It’s backwards and it needs to change.

Salem must work FOR us, not the other way around!

As a freshly sworn-in governor, on day-one you’ll see my first bold steps toward creating a smaller and more efficient government that will ultimately remove its jackboot from the neck of our personal lives. It won’t take long for our Oregon economy boom.

And what of Oregonians truly in need? There will be plenty of capacity to take care those of us who truly require assistance. No one will be left out in the cold…and there will be jobs, jobs, jobs! The state budget? balanced.

Oregon? Great again!