Point #7: What can I do to help

September 19th, 2017

Right now, my team and I are laser-focused on what you are thinking and in getting this campaign set up properly. (I’m very big on systematic organizing and concurrent documentation. In fact, I wrote the book on creating organizational efficiency: go to workthesystem.com, or Google my name.)

Money? Once I file, of course we’ll ask you to contribute what you can afford (or to pledge an amount, payable when I win the Primary), but as a business efficiency/organizational/communications specialist, we’ll win by spending a fraction of the amounts my Primary election opponent will spend, and the same will hold true for Kate Brown in the General election. Just watch.

The media would have you believe that whomever raises the most money will be the winner. Not true. What wins is, first, the quality of the message, and second, communicating that message effectively. To that end, our message is superior and super-efficient communication is just how we operate.

In any case, regarding money, I’ve been personally financing this “exploratory” effort. How can you contribute or pledge?
And if you can’t help us with a financial contribution or pledge, that’s OK. There are many other things you can do to assist. If you want to volunteer, please visit the Get Involved page, one of my team members will get back to you to discuss the various on-the-ground options. (BTW, so far, unsolicited by me, we have had several hundred of you volunteer to help.) Thanks to all of you!

Thanks everyone! If you like what you’re seeing, please Like, Share and/or Comment!