Point #71: Replacing Governor Kate Brown with a Republican

January 15th, 2018

Here’s an update to a post I made on September 4th of last year (POINT #1 in this “Sixty-in-Sixty” series).

Replacing Governor Kate Brown with a Republican, but allowing House and Senate progressive far-left leadership to remain, is like putting a Band Aid on a bullet wound.

If we’re to get this state fixed, we need an Oregon Red Trifecta and this means the House and Senate must go red, too.

You doubt that’s possible? Consider this: In the U.S. right now there are 26 Red Trifecta states and just 7 Blue. (Most recently, via the 2016 elections, 4 brand new Red Trifectas emerged.)

And today, 68% of our fifty states have Republican governors. There’s this, too: 68% of our state Legislatures are now red (up from 28% in 2010).

For the last eight years, all across the country, Republican political domination has been quietly but steadily surging ahead, and now it’s in high gear because in this first year of the Trump administration we’ve seen huge advancements in the tax, judicial, social, trade, financial, jobs and immigration/security arenas. Confidence levels in the markets are at all-time highs. Last quarter, we had a 3.2% GDP growth rate, and certainly we’ll exceed 4% this year; more probably 5%….

At this pace, can you imagine where we will be ten months from now, just before election time?

So now, finally, the surge has hit Oregon. A Red Trifecta in November isn’t a long-shot. It’s probable.

Why has Oregon wallowed in far-left Progressive leadership for so long while the rest of the country has been relentlessly cutting loose from it? And why have we middle-class Oregonians continued to have to deal with economic malaise, bottom-of-the-heap schools, high taxes, ridiculous job-killing business regulations, attacks on the 1st and 2nd amendments, raging wildfires, a pervasive drug culture, locked-up natural resources, rural malaise/degradation, riots and filth in Portland, “sanctuary state” status and enormous debt?

The answer is simple: because for decades we have allowed ourselves to be intimidated by Far-left Progressives who insist this is a “blue state.”

But now, that’s over. You and I have had a bellyful of Progressive leadership, and so we have a political revolution at hand.

How large is the Oregon progressive far-left constituency? Maybe 40% of Democrats, which is less than 20% of the total voter population. For too many years this minority has had their chance at leadership and has failed miserably.

Now it’s time for the other 80%, you and me, to take back control.

Keep in mind there are a LOT of Democrats who are not amused by their far-left leadership’s failures. A big chunk of them will be voting our way next November. Independents and affiliated voters? Polls show them decidedly leaning our way.

Any Republican candidate for public office in Oregon who thinks a Red Trifecta is an impossible goal should not be running for office.

In the general gubernatorial campaign, the majority of my general election campaign time will be spent working with those Republican House and Senate candidates who are passionate about creating the Oregon Red Trifecta.

A Republican governor isn’t enough! We’re going to take control of the legislature too.

Let’s Make Oregon Great Again!