Point #73: President Trump’s State of the Union Speech: some thoughts, quotes, and a few questions

February 1st, 2018

President Trump’s State of the Union Speech: some thoughts, quotes, and a few questions:

  1. President Trump is teaching Republicans how to fight.
  2. It’s time to remove Democrat far-left political leadership at every level, national and in Oregon. They don’t represent anyone but themselves. For us, no more “crossing the aisle.” We simply need to take them out at the polls. Very simple. Do you agree?
  3. Who approved of the speech? 97% of Republicans, 43% of Democrats, and 75% of Independents. Progressive far-left leadership, unquestionably, is going to be hammered hard in November.
  4. Great quote: “But through it all, we have seen the beauty of America’s soul, and the steel in America’s spine.” How can that point of view not be a good thing?
  5. Unemployment at a 45 year low, the stock market added 8 trillion dollars, black unemployment is at the lowest level EVER, etc! etc! etc!
  6. The tax cut, and the President’s remarks, have convinced me to give significant raises to my entire staff of 48 employees at Centratel. Do you own a business? If so, are you thinking along the same lines?
  7. Apple is injecting 350 billion of overseas dollars into our economy. That’s pure cash…and equal to 35% of the total Obama “stimulus” that was borrowed and printed. And that’s just Apple. How much more money will be invested into America from other companies and other countries? Care to make a guess? Whatever the answer, I’m convinced we’re headed for 6% growth…maybe 8%.
  8. America is about, “faith and family; not government and bureaucracy.” I really love that. Do you not agree? Or am I missing something?
  9. I came away from the speech realizing my gubernatorial campaign, and the campaign for the Oregon Red Trifecta, are…non-partisan. ALL of us, no matter our party, enjoy the same freedoms, suffer under the same taxes and regulations, and want the best for our kids and grandkids. I’m running IN the Republican primary because that’s my party, the party that most aligns with my values. But I’m running FOR governor because ALL Oregonians share these basic beliefs. Can we unite voters from every party? Of course we can.
  10. Construction permits are to be issued ten times faster. Incredible. President Trump said, “We built the Empire State Building in just one year—isn’t it a disgrace that it can now take ten years just to get a minor permit approved for a simple road?” You agree with that, right?
  11. “We’re just tougher than they are.” –CJ Martinez, Special Agent, referring to his pursuit of MS13 gang members. Short, simple and inarguable.
  12. “Let‘s put politics aside and get the job done!” Isn’t that how you and I get through the day at home, in our work and…everywhere? Isn’t that what we teach our kids?
  13. The Democrat leadership in the audience was a disgrace. Again: The progressive far left leadership of the Democratic Party, in DC and in Oregon, must be removed at the ballot box this November. What do you think, can we in Oregon raise the sleeping giant of discouraged Republican voters? Can we convince regular Democrat and Independent voters who are fed up with their progressive far-left leadership that they have a home with us, at least on election day? What do you think?
  14. “Safe and strong and proud and mighty and free.”
  15. “If we can have confidence in our values, faith in our citizens, and trust in our God, we will never fail.” THAT is a beautiful line. Do you have a favorite quote from the speech?
  16. Like anyone else, I’ve made my share of mistakes in life, but endorsing President Trump publicly in April 2015, before the Oregon primary elections, was not one of them. I am proud to stand behind our President and I never qualify that loyalty. How about you?

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