Point #76: Kate Brown and her Deep State

February 13th, 2018

Progressive far-left Governor Kate Brown and her radical minions in the Oregon Deep State are at it again. Under their standard guise of compassion, they just raised taxes on your healthcare, and now they want new taxes on every business and industry in the state. Two similar bills moving through the Legislature, HB 4001 and SB 1507, would create what the left calls “cap and invest,” but are really “cap and tax.” These new laws would create huge new bureaucracies to control “greenhouse emissions,” but really are just an excuse to extract billions more in tax dollars from our pockets despite the obvious fact that doing this will further stifle economic growth and hurt regular Oregonians.

Oh, and there is zero evidence this new legislation will even help the environment. It really is just a scheme to take your money.

It’s insanity.

What’s more, these devious bills are written using words like “allocations” and “fees” instead of “taxes.” That’s blatant disregard for the constitutional requirement that bills that raise taxes require a 3/5 majority to pass. Worse, the bills have “emergency clauses,” meaning they would go into effect immediately upon signature of the governor. This means there is no opportunity for Oregonians to put the new taxes on the ballot for yes or no votes.

And this is all being railroaded through the session with virtually no time for public input.

When Oregonians agreed to these special legislative “short” sessions in even-numbered years, the intention was to give the Legislature an opportunity to make necessary budget adjustments and to make technical corrections to existing laws. It was never meant to become a weapon of the radical progressive far-left to make sweeping policy changes – and especially not with fake “emergency” clauses to take away our voice!

How can this be stopped? With a governor and legislative leadership in both chambers that has the power and desire to take on this far-left government machine; to remove the jackboot of government over-reach from the necks of regular Oregonians.

What shall we call this new kind of government leadership?

The 2018 Oregon Red Trifecta.

For today, contact your Representatives and Senators today and tell them NO on cap and tax! https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/FindYourLegislator/leg-districts.html

In November’s election, you’ll know what do do….