Point #79: Knute Buehler and the Life issue

February 26th, 2018

It seems my main primary rival, Knute Buehler, is starting to realize what we’ve known all along: you can’t reason with the radical progressive far-left, and you can’t win over the far-left by moderating conservative views.

This is a very simple issue in which to take a position: either you are pro-life or you aren’t. There is no comfortable “middle ground.” Either abortion kills a baby, or it doesn’t, no matter the logic-gyrations of the progressive far-left.

In an off-the-record exchange with a young female, radio talk-host, who had just interviewed me on the air, she off-handedly pointed out to me that I was an “extreme” Republican. I asked her why she would think such a thing. She said, “because you are pro-life.”

Think about that…

I believe life begins at conception and so I believe abortion is wrong. As governor, I won’t be able to make new laws – but I will sign any bill the legislature passes that protects the unborn; I will veto any bill the legislature passes that further promotes the culture of death of the pro-abortion radical progressive far-left.

You can disagree with me if you want, and of course you can vote for another candidate if you choose, but I’m not going to moderate my view on the topic of life just to pander for votes. Principles matter – be it on life, the right to keep and bear arms, immigration, protecting the free market, and other core principles of the Republican Party.

I will tell you where I stand, and I will stand by what I say.

It doesn’t need to be nuanced. It doesn’t need to be moderated. It’s simple. And Knute is on the wrong side. Again.