Point #82: Will you help us make it happen?

March 5th, 2018

So many of you have been asking, “how can I help”? Well, here’s your chance, and it won’t cost you a dime…only ten minute of your time…

Let’s start here: We’re reaching another milestone: we’ll soon hit 70,000 “Likes” on this Facebook page. It’s humbling to see such support – but it is also inspiring to know the Make Oregon Great Again/2018 Oregon Red Trifecta message is resonating!

Knute Buehler? 11,000 Facebook Likes. Kate Brown? 21,000…

As you know, we’re in a tough primary election battle to win the Republican gubernatorial nomination (election day is May 15th). Our main rival, Knute Buehler, has an enormous advantage in terms of fundraising – one donor alone gave him half a million dollars.

We’re not about catering to the wealthy elite. We’re about YOU – the grassroots voters of Oregon

By now you know what I stand for: not just winning the governor’s seat, but achieving The 2018 Oregon Red Trifecta in which we seize Republican control of both the House and Senate…

…and I know you want to help accomplish that…

Note this: We’ve spent only 13% of what our primary rival Knute Buehler has spent – and scientific polls show we are running second, and by only a small margin in the primary race.

But here’s something more important: in the general election race, this same scientific polling shows we’re only one percentage point behind Kate Brown…and 90% of our campaigning up until now has been to Republicans! We haven’t even begun to call her out!

And in the general race, Knute Buehler trails behind me against Kate Brown…

We WILL win the general, and we’ll land the Red Trifecta, but we MUST get past the primary!

We’re doing well because we are focused on regular people like you, and we’re delivering a clear and consistent message of Making Oregon Great Again. But in order for us to win, we must bolster our campaign NOW – we are beginning radio ads, telephone calls, mailers, and other classic campaign methods to spread the word.

We need your help to make it happen!

If just ten percent of my 70,000 followers donated $50 each, that would give our campaign $350,000 – and that’s all the funding we need to secure our victory in this primary.

Will you join this select few now, when it is most important? We can do this!

Why did I say $50 each? Because that is the amount that qualifies for the Oregon Political Tax Credit! If you pay taxes in Oregon, and earn less than $100,000 per year, you can donate $50 ($100 for couples) to a political campaign – and receive it ALL back on your next tax return next spring!

This is not just a deduction – it’s a credit.

Here’s a way for you to support a worthy cause with NO out-of-pocket cost – but it’s also a way for you to stop Kate Brown from keeping your $50 and using it to further her radical progressive far-left agenda.

Yes. It really is that simple…helping me defeat Kate Brown and create 2018 Oregon Red Trifecta, won’t cost you a dime!

Please consider this:

You can donate $50 to the campaign – or you can let Kate Brown spend your $50 on abortions.

You can donate $50 to the campaign – or you can let Kate Brown spend your $50 on healthcare for illegal aliens.

You can donate $50 to the campaign – or you can let Kate Brown squander your $50 on the next Cover Oregon debacle.

Or, to put it another way: you can donate $50 to help Kate Brown secure another four-year term – or you can donate $50 to defeat her.

IT’S YOUR MONEY! You can choose to help elect the first Republican governor in 32 years – or you can let the progressive far-left continue to run the state.

We don’t expect all of you to be able to donate $50 today. That’s all right. But if you can donate $20, $10, $5, or even $1, it helps. And we’d much rather see thousands of you donating small amounts than take a half million dollar check from one high-profile donor. We are campaigning to serve the PEOPLE of Oregon, not to be beholden to a handful of special interests.

So PLEASE, donate today – and share this message with your friends and ask them to donate, too. With your support, we CAN Make Oregon Great Again!

To make your donation online or get information for mailing a check, go to this page.

To learn more about the Oregon Political Tax Credit go here.