Point #83: Stop Oregon Sanctuaries initiative

March 8th, 2018

Rampant, uncontrolled illegal immigration and career criminal aliens hiding out in our communities are a clear and present danger to the safety of ALL Oregonians.

Bonifacio Oseguera-Gonzalez had been deported six times before he returned to Oregon to murder three people in Woodburn in 2016. Sergio Martinez had been deported twenty times before he returned to Oregon to violently rape one woman and viciously beat another in Portland in 2017.

In Oregon, both by statute and executive order, criminal aliens are shielded and often provided sanctuary from federal immigration enforcement. One has to ask WHY?

This is a direct threat to Oregonians public safety: illegal immigration must be brought under control.

That’s why I support the work of Oregonians for Immigration Reform and the Stop Oregon Sanctuaries initiative (IP 22) to repeal Oregon’s sanctuary statute, ORS 181A.820. And that’s why, as your next governor, I will on DAY ONE repeal Kate Brown’s executive orders to provide sanctuary for criminals here illegally – and we will work with our federal law enforcement agencies to Make Oregon Safe Again, so we can Make Oregon Great Again.

Join our movement on this website and volunteer or donate.

And please, check out our friends at www.oregonir.org and help www.stoporegonsanctuaries.org by signing the petition!