Point #87: Drain the Oregon Swamp

March 15th, 2018

When we say “drain the Oregon swamp,” what exactly do we mean?

We mean putting an end to 32 years of one-party rule in Oregon that has stacked our government with radical far-left progressives at every level of bureaucratic management and the judiciary.

Do you know just how powerful the governor of Oregon really is? Most people think of governors as writing budgets and signing or vetoing legislation – maybe introducing a policy agenda for the legislature to take on. But what is often overlooked is the power of political appointment – and in Oregon, that power has been abused for decades.

Did you know that virtually every judge in Oregon – from the Oregon Supreme Court all the way down to your local traffic court – was appointed by either Kate Brown, John Kitzhaber, or Ted Kulongoski? There might be a few old timers from the Barbara Roberts days – or even Neil Goldschmidt.

No wonder our courts are so screwed up! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Every state agency – the Oregon Health Authority, the Department of Human Services, the Department of Revenue… even obscure little agencies like the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying – is packed with directors, administrators, and board members hand-picked by these few progressive governors. And especially consider the obscure but often overlooked agencies. For instance, the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying used its oppressive power to silence an engineer who wanted to use his right to free speech to campaign against traffic cameras. It even attacked a former candidate for governor over calling himself an “engineer” in the voter pamphlet! Both these men, by the way, have engineering degrees from elite universities, and years of experience working in engineering.

The end-result of this three decade legacy? Government – the entire executive AND judicial branches – has grown into a giant, fetid swamp, engulfing our lives and businesses, drowning our freedoms, and smothering opportunity and prosperity. And we haven’t even talked about the legislature that is, right now, hovering at near super-majority status for the radical progressive far-left…
How do we undo the damage? There is only one way: The Oregon Red Trifecta!
We need to clean house – to drain the Oregon swamp – and that takes Republican victories. And it has to be TOTAL victory – the 2018 Oregon Red Trifecta! We need to retake both sides of the legislature so we can pass our conservative agenda. And we must retake the governor’s mansion so we can start replacing all these bureaucrats and begin appointing constitutional judges.

When I am elected governor, my vision will be clear – implement a conservative, limited government agenda to Make Oregon Great Again. And any executive-level bureaucrats who don’t want to follow the agenda? Well, they had better be updating their resumes – the private sector awaits….

How do we ensure victory? How do we win the 2018 Oregon Red Trifecta? We need support from YOU!

First, please share our message with your friends – not just via Facebook, but in person, at community gatherings, through letters to the editor, and phone calls to your favorite radio shows. And join us on Twitter, @CarpenterforOR.

And second, please donate to our campaign. Whether it’s $500, $50, or even $5, every dollar counts – the radical progressive far-left is raising millions! And don’t forget, the Oregon Political Tax Credit allows Oregon taxpayers to receive their $50 donation back – it really is free!

You can learn more about the Oregon Political Tax Credit – and donate online – here

Together, we’re going to drain the Oregon swamp. Together, we’re going to Make Oregon Great Again!