Point #90: Among the horrors of this past legislative session

March 23th, 2018

Among the horrors of this past legislative session was SB 1528. This bill raises taxes on small businesses in Oregon by $244 million this biennium alone – and will raise them over $420 million by 2021! This is on top of the already record revenue – that means, money the government takes from YOU – this year!

While President Trump is cutting our taxes, far-left Kate Brown and her crew are doing everything they can to raise them.

We aren’t talking about taxes on giant corporations or billionaire fat cats, either. We’re talking about 300,000 Oregon small businesses, most with only 1-2 employees and making less than $50,000 per year. We’re talking about mom and pop businesses, home businesses, and self-employed people just trying to make a living.

Oh, and just to add insult to injury, the radical progressive far-left did this by a simple majority, despite the constitutional requirement that all tax increases need a 3/5 vote. How did they do this? By not calling it a “tax increase.” No, instead, this is “cutting” (i.e. stealing) your tax break.

Don’t you love the lawyers?

Send a message to Kate Brown and her radical progressive far-left minions: NO MORE TAXES! And come November, let’s END HER REIGN IN OREGON so we can MAKE OREGON GREAT AGAIN!

And, there’s this: do you want to take $50 of your taxes out of Kate’s hands? Use the Oregon Political Tax Credit – and donate $50 ($100 for a couple) to our campaign to defeat her! It’s a tax CREDIT, so there’s nothing out of your pocket! It’s a WIN-WIN! Everything you need to know to make this contribution, with zero dollars coming out of your own pocket, is here.

Let’s get this done once and for all. Oregon needs YOU! Let’s Make Oregon Great Again!

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