Point #95: Spurning Tax Payers, Kate Brown signs SB1528

April 11th, 2018

Late last Friday afternoon, Kate Brown signed SB 1528 into law, seizing for the Oregon swamp, the tax cuts for small businesses passed by the Trump administration. Small businesses are the lifeblood of Oregon. Oregon has over 300,000 that employ nearly 800,000. Most of them are “mom and pop” businesses. Now they will be taxed BILLIONS of dollars more over the next few years.

Oregon doesn’t have a revenue problem – we have record revenue. Oregon has a SPENDING problem – and Kate Brown and her far-left progressive deep state minions want to spend more and more of YOUR money.

When I am elected governor, on day one I will ask the legislature to undo SB 1528 and restore the Trump tax cut for Oregon’s small businesses!

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