Coronavirus in the real world.

I have four full-time employees in Northern Italy. Two of them are quarantined. According to them, and remember they LIVE there, the reason Italy is a “hot spot” is because Italy tests EVERYONE. France, and many other Women Western European countries? They only test people who are hospitalized.

And in any case, “the flu” is, and always has been, contagious. I think there is room to speculate that the panic is media-generated (and for one, Tucker Carlson should calm down about it. Watch this whole thing fade away by June. Your thoughts?

We Have an (Awesome) Attorney General Nominee!

Daniel Crowe has filed for the Attorney General race. He stayed overnight at our house in Bend Sunday night where we chatted extensively, went back to his home in Mt. Angel Monday, thought about it for another day, and called us a few minutes ago to say that he just filed with the SOS this afternoon.

I had been talking to him about this possibility for the last month or so.

Daniel, 50, is a 26 year Army veteran and GET THIS: he’s a West Point Graduate AND a former Army Ranger — paratrooper and combat arms officer. Wow!

He ran for AG in 2016 and so he says he’s all warmed up for 2020!

He’s assertive, exactly what we need in an AG, and supports our President without equivocation (and you know how Diana and I are about that…).

MOGA2020 won’t be formally endorsing many candidates, with one of our toughest criteria being that we must be convinced that the candidate actually has a very good chance of winning. We’re quite sure Daniel will be in that group! More bio on Daniel coming soon. Stand by!

The future of Oregon hangs in the balance!

Subscribers: Representative Stark has given us permission to publish this insightful, informative essay. -sam

The future of Oregon hangs in the balance!
-by Duane Stark, Oregon House District 4

The rural / urban divide continues to grow as the Oregon Legislature is dominated by Portland Metro Legislators who are advancing an agenda that is contrary to our way of life. The Democrat Party has secured a supermajority in both the House (38-22) and the Senate (18-12). This means they can now pass any policy or tax without a single Republican vote. We experienced the negative effects of the supermajority this past session when Democrats passed a $2 billion hidden sales tax on Oregon’s working families without a single Republican vote. Without a balance of power, there is little motivation for the Democrats to collaborate with Republicans to develop legislation that is beneficial to ALL Oregonians. Instead, they pass legislation catering to Portland voters and special interests groups.

This past session, Republicans fought fiercely while maintaining respect and thoughtfulness in our debates. We were able to halt some of their agenda but in the end, due to the lopsided numbers, they were able to advance much of their Portland-driven legislation. What is their next step? They would like to take out two Republicans in the next election so that they don’t even need Republicans to show up in order to conduct business.

That’s why I’m asking for your help!

We must protect the Republicans we have in office and then pick up seats to restore much needed balance in our legislative process.

Simply put: (in the House)

  • Republicans Lose 2 seats = Democrats don’t even need a Republican in the building to do their business
  • Republicans Win 3 seats = Democrats would need at least one Republican vote to pass a tax (like the $2 billion tax they just passed.)
  • Republicans Win 8 seats = Democrats would need at least one Republican vote to pass any policy
  • Republicans Win 9 seats = Republican would be in the majority

Adjustments in Meeting Agenda

Delegates: We’ve all received the agenda for the March 21st Central Committee Meeting in Portland, featuring elections for National Committeeman and National Committeewoman. There is nothing on the agenda that is more important.

This leadership vote really is a fork-in-the-road for the Party’s future.

With this letter, I am asking the ORP Chairman to make three agenda adjustments. If these adjustments are not publicly made prior to the meeting, expect motions from the floor.

To Chairman Bill Currier:

  1. Historically, electoral challenges to Executive Committee officers have been pushed to the end of the agenda. Not this time. Embarrassingly obvious to everyone: with the meeting held in Portland, by the time the elections are held late in the day some of our Delegates from eastern and southern Oregon will be on their way home and won’t be voting. And of course, the far-flung delegates from those regions tend to be more conservative than the Willamette Valley and Portland delegates. With the exception of the must-do preliminaries, there is no way elections should be held any time after lunch. I ask the EC to move the elections to mid-morning, perhaps as the last item before lunch, so that the ballots can be counted during lunch. No later.
  2. Challenger candidates get THREE minutes to make their presentations? More than a few Delegates will speculate that by keeping the presentation time ridiculously short, leadership is treating this election like the perfunctory rubber stamp they want it to be A sitting National Chairman and National Chairwoman gets four years to strut-their-stuff in front of the Central Committee, and every four years any challengers get five minutes to present an in-person alternative viewpoint? Our presentation allowance should be ten (10) minutes at a minimum.
  3. I want access to the audio-visual equipment during my presentation. My bet is the other candidates want that too.

It’s so obvious what is going on here. I’ll repeat word-for-word what someone with a long history of watching the Executive Committee told me just this weekend: They stack the deck, count the votes, maintain every possible edge, and use any means to get rid of anybody who is perceived as a threat to their positions within the party, while still saving face.  Everything is about maintaining party control.”

There is nothing unfair or manipulative in the three requests I list above. If you agree with me, put pressure on your leadership to urge the Chairman to make the above adjustments, publicly, before we gather on the 21st. We should try to avoid a confrontation at the beginning of the meeting.

-Sam Carpenter

Points One Through Five: I Only Get Three Minutes

As part of my campaign for ORP National Committeeman, my presentation at the March 21st Oregon Republican Party Central Committee election meeting will be an incredibly brief three minutes. There will be no way to cover everything that should be covered and so I will address those points this way, via email. Over the next two weeks I will send a series of messages like this one to SCC members. The messages will be brief, but I’ve added links if you want to go deeper (and I urge you to do that). Here are my first five points and they all have to do with the direction of the Party as channeled by its most senior member and obvious Executive Committee power-broker, current National Committeeman Solomon Yue.

  1. Democrats are waging an all-out war against us, and we need to fight back. Why doesn’t our top Republican Party leadership see this? Ninety-five percent of our Republican base joins President Trump in understanding this key point. (One has to give credit to our Democrat progressive opponents. Despite their insanity, they fight tooth-and-nail, they never back down, and they never apologize.)
  2. The Committeeman election is a critical fork-in-the-road for the ORP. Will our Party can keep going steeply downhill under the iron-grip leadership of National Committeeman Solomon Yue? Or will we elect new leadership, myself or John Lee, and dramatically change direction? Here in this homepage message, is an overview of our state Republican condition, and where I personally think the ORP should be headed .
  3. Leadership must stop moving to the Left, trying to appease a fictitious “blue Oregon.” Let’s proudly and confidently go back to our conservative roots. Here are successful examples of this approach. But good grief. Just watch Donald Trump and follow his lead. (And, Diana says, “Donald Trump is packing around a sack of backbones and he’s giving them away for free.”)
  4. The current top leadership’s enthusiasm for our president is thin and has a very short history. Don’t be fooled. After four years, it’s time to climb on the Trump Train like we mean it. We must stop squandering this incredible opportunity to take back power! THIS video says it all.
  5. We need a professional, properly funded organization. At a minimum this means an occupied headquarters office, a full-time paid Chairman/Executive director, and a full-time paid office manager. Our underfunded ORP organization, headed up by too-busy-elsewhere Solomon Yue (and executed by part-time Chairman Bill Currier), is little more than a social club. Donors, mostly business people,  see this colossal organizational failure and so they stay away. It’s a vicious circle.

Oregon Governor Promises Executive Action On Climate

Keeping in mind that this is a left-leaning OPB article (see link below), here’s the ultimate take-away…and it’s very good news: if Governor Brown moves ahead with an Executive Order on a new carbon tax, she will be guaranteeing the election of a conservative Republican governor in 2022. (And yes, whatever Executive Order Brown implements will be immediately rescinded by this new governor).

Boosted by President Trump’s electoral coattails, the House and the Senate will go Red by 2022, too.

We must stick together on this, and in our immediate outrage lets NOT institute another Recall effort or create any other distraction from what we can accomplish the simple and quick old-fashioned way, through elections.

And for sure, we must change our current Oregon Republican Party leadership to make this happen. We’ll do that the simple way too, this year, through our Party’s own internal electoral process.


One last thing: MANY thanks to our Republican legislators for courageously walking away from our current Democrat Progressive overlords. Now the people will be backing you up. Just watch!

Updated “Vacant” Districts, Candidacy and PCP Deadlines TUESDAY

As of last weekend, in the 60 state House races we’re already below last year’s final no-Republican-has-filed-yet “vacancy” tally, and that is VERY good news. last year’s final tally was 25%. Today we’re at 18%. We hope to hit 10-12% by today’s 5:00PM filing deadline.

For all of you candidates, especially our first-timers, THANK YOU for being bold enough to make your personal statement!

Go to our website homepage here, and get an updated overview of everything. (The  “vacancy” stats are in a footnote at the bottom of the page.)

5:00PM TODAY, the 10th, is the deadline for filing for both becoming a candidate and to become a PCP.

Please, please, please…if you’ve been thinking about running for office, just do itNOW! To file go here. 

In any case please consider becoming a PCP (Precinct Committee Person). It will be an incredibly potent way for you to make your personal impact on the real-world. Remember, the name-of-the-game for Oregon Republicans in 2020 is assertive, confident action...just like Donald Trump!

This assertive, confident ACTION is how we turn Oregon red by 2022! Go here for the latest details regarding becoming a PCP.

-sam and diana

Podcast: How to Make More and Hustle Less

I don’t talk about my professional and business life much, but here’s a just-released interview that goes into some detail about how I run my organizations and, in our business consulting, what we teach others. Thanks much to Jason Campbell and Vischen Lakhiani ( of Mindvalley.

Do You Want Your Voice Heard in Oregon?

Do you REALLY want to help? Diana and I are personally asking you to do something that really matters in upcoming Oregon Republican Party (ORP) elections.

If you truly want to have a personal impact on our ORP leadership, you must become a PCP (“Precinct Committee Person”). The deadline to register as a PCP is just days away: next Tuesday. This sign-up is easy to do yet the impact is huge. All you have to do is print and then fill out the SEL Form (see link below) and mail it to your County Clerk to arrive before March 10th. If you do this, there is a 95% chance you will be on the PCP ballot and elected as a PCP in May. Then, there are two critical elections in 2020 in which you will be able to vote. One in June and one in November. These meetings will determine future Oregon Republican Party leadership. As you know, current leadership has led us to Republican super-minority status in Salem.

Leadership HAS to change and it has to change in 2020!

As a PCP, you will be a member of your county committee. You can attend meetings locally. The more you participate, the more influence you will have in county and state party leadership. You can voice your opinions and vote for county officers and delegates. You can even run for a party office yourself!

This is YOUR ticket to making an actual difference!

Here’s more: the county officers/delegates elect the state ORP officers next February. When they go to state meetings, those delegates should represent YOU! You can hold them accountable to vote for Executive Officers who will focus on what matters most: finding great candidates and then helping to get them elected!

It is so easy to get involved and make a difference! PLEASE FILE FOR PCP NOW. The absolute deadline is March 10th. There is no filing fee.

Again, simply print out this form (see below), fill it out, and take it or mail it to your county clerk. Your name will be on the May 19th Primary ballot. The county clerk can answer any questions you have. Your application HAS to arrive at the county clerk’s office by next Tuesday!

THIS is your chance! Today, right now, please take action!

PCP Filing Form (SEL105):

County Clerk Contact Information:

Let’s make Oregon red by 2022!