Back to reality

Back to reality. Here’s Rush on Iran: “We have the military agents of destruction ready to launch on North Korea and Iran or any other enemy on a moment’s notice. Not from here, from there,” Limbaugh said. “We are everywhere and we have the ability to project power unlike any other nation in the world.” And he said, “Bottom line is the United States could destroy every strategically relevant military and economic target in Iran in 30 minutes.”

Watch this video.

Get ready for it

Get ready for it. They’re still coming for our guns. You thought IP42 and IP43 were bad? Watch this, by Liberty Doll regarding what’s going on in Virginia.. Your thoughts?


Photo: Christmas at the Carpenter’s. Three generations.
That’s Diana on the right. I took the photo

It’s OUR turn!

“The impeachment vote on December 18th, 2019 signaled the end of the Democrat Party as we’ve known it. Progressives have nowhere else to go in 2020 and in their frenzied befuddlement, nothing of significance will come from their side as they await next November’s electoral chopping block. In Oregon, it’s OUR turn!”

“MOGA2020 is the rallying point for taking back Oregon after over thirty years of horrible Democrat progressive mismanagement. The time to return Oregon to political sanity is NOW.”

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– Sam Carpenter.

Who Composes the Oregon Ruling Class?

It’s a minority of voters, headed up by Democrat progressives, perhaps 50% of all Democrats. I’ll say it diplomatically: These are unreasonable people. This Democrat progressive Ruling Class contingent is powered by a deranged hatred, not just for our president but for you and me. You know it’s true.

Also included in the Ruling Class are Republican “never-Trumpers,” less than 10% of Oregon Republicans who, unwittingly and wittingly, keep those Democrat progressives in power. You guessed it: never-Trumpers are also unreasonable people, and right now they control the state-level Oregon Republican Party which has miniscule support within our Republican voting base of over 704,000. (However, a majority of the 33 county party organizations remain strong and self-directed.)

For way too long, this Democrat and Republican Ruling Class minority has been calling the shots for you and me. And of course, their motivation is to hold on to power and not to prioritize what’s best for regular everyday county-class people like us: Oregonians who work jobs, run businesses, pay taxes, raise children, compose our military and police…and make Oregon work.

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– Sam Carpenter.

Ten Points in Response to Various Comments

Here are ten points in response to various comments I received pertaining to yesterday’s post (in which I said another recall-Kate-Brown effort by the state-level Oregon Republican Party should not happen).

  1. Well over 90% of the people who commented on yesterday’s post supported my contention that a recall is a distraction and a waste. (Check the numbers for yourself, and know that unlike Knute Buehler, I rarely delete critical comments to a post. In this one in particular, I didn’t delete any comments or ban anyone from the Page.) The negative responses? The RINO’s among us are insignificant in numbers but good-lord they’re shrill.
  2. Remember that the ratio of Trump supporters vs. RINOs, nationwide, is 90% to 10%. (in Oregon Congressional District Two? I’d say it’s 95% to 5%).
  3. Answer to a comment, stating, “To run for political office it takes a certain kind of individual, one with money (and) backing…” Here’s my answer: “We must have more regular people like you and me running for office, not just the elite.” No matter what the standard political consultant says, successfully running for office doesn’t HAVE to be expensive. Read this, from my book:
  4. Overall? This isn’t a voter problem. It’s a candidate problem. The ORP blames their own base for not voting, when the problem actually lies with the ORP’s actions and non-actions that discourage good people from running for office. Yes, it’s infernal.
  5. Does the ORP leadership think we voters are sheep, to be herded in their preferred direction? Or that we must be “energized” as if we are dead batteries? Related, I added this paragraph to yesterday’s post: “Oh, and the ORP’s stupid excuse that a recall effort will ‘energize and expand the base?’ No, it won’t. It will manipulate and then ultimately disappoint and discourage the base. And anyway, what the Hell good would it do to have an energized/expanded base that has no candidates for whom they can vote?”
  6. Blaming voters for not voting is an ORP smokescreen and a deliberate distraction, buti It’s also disrespectful to you and me, the regular, every-day people within our Republican party. In fact, it’s sheer arrogance.
  7. One negative comment was, “I didn’t read your post because you have a reputation for disinformation.” Really? No one has EVER pointed out something I said was wrong (although my character has been repeatedly attacked). I am very, VERY careful to research and source my statements. If someone doesn’t like me personally, it doesn’t make what I say wrong. Instead, it makes the finger-pointer look narrow-minded; someone who is going to stick to their dumb menu no matter the facts disputing it. (But wait! Hmmmmm. Where have we seen THAT before? Oh yes, I know where: on the Democrat progressive Left.)
  8. A side-benefit of instituting another recall petition is that the Executive Board thinks it will shut me up. With a recall petition, the ORP top-brass puts me in the position of appearing to be “a bad Republican” for not being supportive of their “heroic-and-valiant efforts to remove the wicked witch, Kate Brown.” How can I challenge their effort and not appear disloyal? Actually, they have a point in being able to silence me, and that’s why I am hammering on this now, BEFORE they take action….
  9. The ORP top executive leadership is smart. They WANT you to think they are lazy and stupid. I repeat: They WANT you to think that! Nope. Truth is, they are crazy like a fox. Success or failure of the recall? Either way, it’s a win-win for the ORP establishment AND the progressive Left. Failing in the recall attempt will distract our voter base right into the primary elections. And successfully recalling Kate Brown will also distract the base through the primary elections BUT IN ADDITION will establish Tobias Reed, our current state Treasurer, as the incumbent governor in the gubernatorial election of 2022. We will be facing Governor Reed rather than a brand-new Democrat face. An incumbent governor is very hard to unseat.
  10. I will repeat this paragraph from yesterday’s post: “If this second recall-Kate-Brown attempt does happen, it proves – without any doubt – that the ORP is deliberately sabotaging any possibility of winning back power in Salem.”

Will there be another attempt to recall Kate Brown?

It’s a highly time-sensitive issue so today I am releasing a small part of the “The Grassroots Oregon Republican Party Manifesto for 2020” that we will publish next week. Here is a portion of the second of ten points that I will make in that document.

The ORP has a penchant for wild-goose-chasing. It’s a smokescreen/diversionary tactic and it means zero energy goes into the organization’s central responsibility of helping to win conservative control in Salem.

Here’s THE prime example. Last Spring, in lieu of beginning to prepare for the upcoming 2020 primary elections, the state-level ORP Executive Committee sponsored the ludicrous Recall-Kate-Brown petition. Of course, It failed miserably.

And now, note the possibility of a second recall effort. An unabashed ORP Chairman Bill Currier proposed this idea directly on the heels of that colossal and embarrassing failure last Fall.

A second recall attempt now, as the primary campaigns really heat up, would mean the state-level ORP is well on ity way to successfully diverting Republican voters’ energy from what really matters – taking back Salem – for a full year!

And really get this point: in the remote chance the recall succeeds in removing Brown, it insures an (essentially) incumbent governor Tobias Reed will be our Democrat foe in the gubernatorial race in 2022.

It would be a win-win for Democrat progressives.

Here’s more detail on both of the above points. It’s a post I put up early last November:

So, will there will be ANOTHER recall petition initiated this month, further sucking up the energy of our base all the way through the primary elections in May, and insuring a gubernatorial Republican loss in 2022? A LOT of grassroots leaders in Oregon sure hope not. In contrast, most of our tiny establishment Ruling Class contingent thinks it’s a great idea.

Oh, and the ORP’s  stupid excuse that a recall effort will “energize the base?” No it won’t energize the base, it will manipulate and then ultimately discourage the base. And anyway, what the Hell good would it do to have an energized base when that base has no candidates to vote for?


If this second recall-Kate-Brown attempt does happen, it proves – without any doubt – that the ORP is deliberately sabotaging any possibility of winning back power in Salem.

Note these Facebook post comments to see who says what, and then connect the dots.

Editorial: Out With the Old… by David Jaques

Out With the Old…

Editorial by David Jaques, Roseburg Beacon, 01/01/2020

We aren’t just entering a new year in 2020, but a new decade! And this one promises to be a doozy!

As soon as the congress returns on January 6, from their Christmas break, we can expect the impeachment charade to kick back into full gear. One thing is for certain though and that is that Speaker Pelosi has lost her mind!

By trying to dictate to Senate Leader Mitch McConnell the manner in which he shall conduct his trial, is the equivalent of the District Attorney’s office, that was prosecuting a case, getting a hold of the judge before the trial and telling him/her the witnesses they should request hearing from, and when the case should be on the docket, etc. Preposterous! They would be thrown out of the judge’s chambers, and probably see the case dismissed, which still remains a distinct possibility.

Anyone with a brain knows that the case is dead on arrival in the senate anyway. It is a numbers game, and the Dems don’t have the numbers, period.

Remember…elections have consequences. But now in fact it looks likely that there are perhaps two or more democrats who have counted the cost, including Doug Jones from Alabama, and will not be voting for impeachment, as it will cost them their seat in the Senate. Then there’s the nagging problem that there were no laws broken, and no fact witnesses to suggest there were.

And the public is getting weary of the whole sordid mess.

The other powder keg (and not just figuratively speaking) that is about to go off is the Virginia gun-grab. Democrat Governor Ralph Northam wants to see not only universal gun registration, but ultimately confiscation. Not only have more than 100 counties in Virginia passed Second Amendment Sanctuary laws, forbidding enforcement of such laws, but Sheriffs in several of them have stated they have no intention of enforcing them. Several reports are now surfacing that citizen militia groups across the nation are taking note, and are prepared to mobilize if needed.

It just goes to show how far out of touch these Democrats have become. Joe Biden, in a campaign stop in Peterborough New Hampshire this weekend, said “we’re all dead” if we don’t stop using fossil fuels. You can’t make this stuff up folks, he really said this. He also stated on camera that that laws that “allow” Texans to carry firearms in church are “irrational”. Really Mr. Biden? What if the seven men that were armed that morning weren’t? How many more lives would have been forfeit? I’ll tell you what irrational is…and that is Biden and his comrades in the Democrat-socialist party thinking they are going to disarm law-abiding Americans.

Maybe we owe a huge debt of gratitude to comrades Biden, Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, Ocasio- Cortez, and most of the rest of their party, for awakening the sleeping giant, freedom loving Americans. Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said that of his political leader’s impetuous decision to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941.

The Democrat party has set itself back with their extreme positions on the so-called New Green Deal based upon fake science, abortion on demand up to the day of delivery, the celebration of the most extreme LGBTQ agenda items (affecting less than 4% of the total population) including such bizarre things as pedophilia, gender reassignment for minor children, cross gender athletic competition, to name but a few.

Most of these extreme left wing agenda items are right out of Karl Marx’s handbook, the Communist Manifesto; they’ve just repackaged them, and called it progressive. Now think back on the precinct maps showing the red/blue proportion of America that you saw when President Trump was first elected in 2016. And I can promise you this, he has NOT lost any of that territory, or those voters, in fact he’s gained, and not just a little.

Deep down Americans are decent people, who love their families, their freedom, and their way of life. Obama did more to divide this country and his socialist devotees in the Deep State, the hangers on, are finally coming into full view. Their scheme to overthrow this President and the 65 million who elected him is continuing to be revealed on an almost daily basis. Look for indictments to follow the end of the Schiff-Pelosi- Nadler impeachment farce.

Yes, this is promising to be an exciting new decade as it begins to unfold in the weeks ahead. President Trump will be exonerated, and the real perpetrators will be brought to justice, then we will have four more years of continuing to restore America to her proud greatness, unequalled in the history of mankind.

–David J

October 2018: Buehler Called for Kavanaugh Replacement

Republican Knute Buehler regarding Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, October 5, 2018, Oregon Capitol Bureau. (Buehler is hoping to be our next Second Congressional District Congressman. Think about that. Ouch.)

“‘I think it’s deeply troubling that the accusations that have come forward (regarding) the temperament that Judge Kavanaugh has shown, and I call out and congratulate the moderates in both parties, both the Republicans and Democrats who called for the FBI investigation and slowed down the process. At this point I strongly believe President Trump should withdraw the nomination.'”

“His stance puts him largely on the side of Democrats who also have been calling on U.S. senators to reject Kavanaugh.”

What must be done and how can you help?

By May of 2020, let’s have a Republican candidate in every House and competitive Senate district. With the impending Trump landslide and the power of MOGA2020’s reach, we can be seriously competitive in November, even with unknown, new-to-politics candidates…to the point that we can erase the current Democrat legislative supermajorities. Then, after this 2020 election and through 2022, we’ll continue to hammer hard, focusing on taking control of both legislative houses and winning the governorship.

Have you Liked our Facebook page and joined the mailing list on this website? The power is in our numbers. Always remember that literally over 90% of Oregon Republicans support our president!