Seattle and President Trump? My take…

Donald Trump knows exactly what he’s doing, despite complaints from some of our own patriotic conservative commentators.

He’s not being weak. He’s being smart. Remember all the times we’ve doubted him only to be proved wrong?

OK. I’ll put it this way:

If I were President, I’d let CHAZ play out for a while longer. Let their little dystopian “community” crumble amidst their own filth, drugs, and infighting. Let them wallow in this for a little bit more so America can see the insanity of Leftist leadership.

Give them some more time. Let it get really bad in those streets, and then go in and clean it up with special tactics local police and federal special forces squads who will be directed to be as clean and non-lethal as possible. My guess is they could secure those seven blocks in a couple of hours, tops.

Yes, as they go in, and in defending themselves, there could be some bloodshed, but not much. After all, they won’t be dealing with hard-core ISIS jihadists. Their targets are mostly snot-nosed white kids who will fold over instantly in the face of America’s very best…

Let this play out. Let those fools in CHAZ continue to embarrass themselves, their mayor, their governor, and their DC Democrat supporters led by Pelosi, Schumer, et al.

Don’t doubt our president. He knows exactly what he’s doing.