We Must Focus on What Really Matters

Donald Trump and Sam Carpenter, April 2016
Donald Trump and Sam Carpenter,
April 2016

Do not get Distracted. Do not waste your energy.


We conservative Oregonians have one more chance to turn things around, and we don’t have time to be distracted from what really matters. In the next months, do NOT get bogged down with the following:

  • Recalling Kate Brown (sign the petitions if it makes you feel better, but know that it’s a lose-lose.)
  • Buying into the utterly discredited, stupid theory that we must move left in order to win elections. (It’s never worked. It’s spineless. Democrat progressives are laughing at us.)
  • Continuing to assume that state-level Oregon Republican Party leadership has our best interests in mind. (After everything that’s gone down, WHY do some of us STILL buy into this?)

What matters most in Oregon in 2020 is that on November 3rd we remove the House and Senate Democrat super-majorities, and that Jeff Gudman and Kim Thatcher are elected Treasurer and Secretary of State.

And in 2022, we…

  1. take back control of both legislative chambers
  2. elect a Republican Governor

Don’t get distracted! Don’t buy into the BS. Focus on what matters most. And never forget that predators prey on weakness.

It’s past time we stopped explaining things to progressive Democrats (and our own nefarious subset of RINOs). Now we band together and start fighting back.