Point #14: Tired of progressive far-left finger pointing

September 24th, 2017

Why does the left continue to blame us for every problem that crops up, especially when we go out of our way to be reasonable, both in Salem and on Main Street?

First, it’s because we ARE reasonable people and a big part of being reasonable is to patiently listen and consider opposing opinions. We’ve always been ready to “cross the aisle.”

And second, it’s because we’ve allowed ourselves to be distracted by the finger-pointing. For literally decades, we’ve wasted enormous energy and time defended ourselves against one outlandish accusation after another, and yes, even bullied into a quiet submission.

In any situation, being distracted and/or submissive is no way to operate.

Now we’ve had more than enough and we’re going to assertively focus on taking back control in Salem; in achieving the 2018 Oregon Red Trifecta.

Never backing down, point-by-point we will ignore the far-left distraction-rants, and instead expose progressivism for what it is. This counter-assault will focus on the obvious failures of current progressive far-left leadership, including but not limited to the budget deficit, rural and city-center poverty, forest mismanagement, late-term government-funded abortions, bad public schools, anti-small business policies, sanctuary state lawlessness, and endemic drug abuse along with the crime that tags along….