Point #22: The purpose of our state government must be adjusted

October 1st, 2017

There has to be a transition from progressive generals who, under the pretext of compassion, seek more and more control…to conservative lieutenants with the single purpose of actually serving their citizen/customers efficiently, quickly, inexpensively and without strings.

This mechanical adjustment will be the 2018 Oregon Red Trifecta.

And yes, of course we will work with our Democrat colleagues in Salem – crossing the aisle – but we Republicans will hold the power and we’ll know exactly what must be fixed, and where we’re headed, based on what the majority of Oregonians want.

And remember, progressives make up just 20% of our Oregon population. You and I are within the other 80% – and this group includes a wildly diverse collection of the majority of Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, and the other smaller parties. No matter our personal beliefs and life-styles, we 80% share this desire: to have a government that serves us competently and quietly.

We want Salem to serve us, not dictate how we should live.

We are perfectly capable of operating our own lives.

It’s time to turn over the Salem political applecart, and here in America we accomplish this in a beautiful way. We do it through regularly scheduled elections.

You and I already know what’s needed. We’ve been talking about it with our neighbors for a long, long time: we want a smaller, less-intrusive government. And with that, lower taxes and fewer regulations…more jobs, higher wages, better education for our kids, a low crime rate, immigration control, adherence to our founding documentation and to the law, sensible use of our bountiful natural resources, robust security for our families and our nation, the highest level of care for our active military men and women, veterans and first-responders…and more opportunity for everyone, all the while protecting those Oregonians who are most vulnerable: our children, seniors and the disabled.

Our shared desire for how government should operate is not ideological. It’s personal.

In the November 2018 election, we’ll leave behind the bloated Oregon Blue Trifecta, one of just six blue trifectas left in the country, and move to a brand new, lean-and-mean Oregon Red Trifecta: America’s 27th.

Look around. The momentum is here, right now, and this is going to happen!

Will you climb on board this train with us?