Zogby Poll: Carpenter neck-and-neck in Gubernatorial Race Against Kate Brown; Touts Impending Oregon Red Trifecta

Press Release: Bend, Oregon. Wednesday, December 27, 2017. Sam Carpenter, who announced his candidacy for the 2018 Oregon Gubernatorial race in late October, has taken the lead in the Republican Primary race.

(Note from Sam: What is surprising to us is not that we’ve gained the lead so soon in this Primary race, but the sheer intensity of the feedback we’ve been getting. What do Oregon Republican voters want? I’ve outlined that concisely in the body of the press release, below. Of course, to create the Oregon Red Trifecta (a Republican governor as well as Republican control of both sides of the legislature), my team immediately needs funds to get the message out, I’ve spent much time talking to voters since September 1st; now it’s time to ask for your help. Use the red DONATE button on the front page of this website. THANK YOU in advance!)

In a match-up with incumbent Democrat governor Kate Brown, Carpenter scores higher than any of his primary opponents, including previous front-runner Knute Buehler.

Carpenter trails governor Kate Brown by slightly over one percent.

Carpenter states, “The surge as illustrated in the independent Zogby poll reflects a viral enthusiasm, almost entirely word-of-mouth, for my Oregon agenda which is dedicated to delivering economic freedom to every-day Oregonians through lower taxes, less regulation, a smaller government footprint, and protection for workers and all tax payers.

“It’s also due to the resurgence of pride in America as a beacon of freedom for the rest of the world, as well as in acknowledging the ultimate minority everywhere: the minority of the individual. And, this is a rejection of American far-left identity politics and the instigation of class warfare. This surge away from Oregon’s current command-and-control leadership is a rejection of Oregon’s current progressive far-left leadership.

“It also illustrates voters’ support for President Trump’s leadership and accomplishments which they feel will lead to decades of national economic growth, a reassumption of international leadership, and a resurgence of American optimism.

“Our goal in this campaign is not only to win the governor’s seat in Salem, but to also gain Republican control of both the House and Senate, creating a true political Oregon Red Trifecta.”

Go here to see the actual poll.