A Republican in a Blue Bus

“…a Republican in a blue bus…”

“…a wholesale, top-to-bottom, electoral shellacking…”

Most know that Knute Buehler is running for Congress in Oregon’s conservative Second Congressional District. Of course the big question is this: on the day he announced his intention to run in that race, why did he suddenly reject liberalism and become pro-Trump and conservative?

Did Buehler have a radical personal enlightenment, or was his moral/political transformation a result of pretentious political expediency? Perhaps the following will shed some light on that question.

Here’s an excerpt from my book, “Making Oregon Great Again: Guide to the Grassroots Revitalization of the Oregon Republican Party (and the Defeat of the Ruling Class*),” published in January 2019, two months after Buehler’s loss in the gubernatorial election:

“Note that the post-election mainstream media collectively believes that Buehler’s failure to secure enough Democrat votes to win the race was due to his stance on abortion. In their eyes, his progressive positioning on the issue was correct (state funding, late-term abortion, etc.), but his pleas for those rights were ‘not believable enough.'”

Interestingly, that argument for his loss in Democrat regions is a distraction and untrue. Here’s why he lost the Democrat vote, and it had nothing to do with abortion or any other specific issue. Democrats had a much bigger problem with Buehler, and it was personal.

“They – like his Republican base – saw him as a chameleon; as duplicitous.

“A Republican in a blue bus.

“And Knute Buehler didn’t just lose. He allowed Brown – one of the least popular sitting governors in the nation – a clear majority win and thus, in her mind, a mandate to continue her Democrat progressive shenanigans. Additionally, Buehler’s inability to turn out Republican voters to drive Republican success down-ballot, resulted in a wholesale, top-to-bottom electoral shellacking: Oregon Democrats gained super-majorities in both chambers of the Legislature, and all conservative ballot measures went down in flames. Local elections didn’t go so well, either.”
-sam Carpenter

*You can download the entire book for free at …www.makeoregongreatagain.com