Countdown to the November 2020 Trump Landslide

360 days remaining
Social/Political Random Notes, 1 through 4 (first of a series)

  1. Late yesterday afternoon, after our obligatory Costco shopping, Diana and I stopped to eat in a lovely restaurant in Knoxville, Tennessee. We were escaping the cold rain before our 90-minute drive back to our rural second home in southern Kentucky. In a booth across the room, was a mother and her two boisterous children. She was tall and slender, attractive. Blonde. Well dressed. Maybe thirty-five. The kids, a boy and a girl, were blonde and attractive and well-dressed too. We guessed they were five and seven years old. And yes, there was a husband there too. He sat across the table from his wife. T-shirt, scruffy beard, baseball cap pulled down low. We guessed he was about thirty-five, as well. He was obviously just off work for the day. Also, obviously, he was commander of the family, yet in this restaurant he was clearly not managing family operations. His wife did that, constantly corralling the animated, happy kids. With a blank face, looking down, he studied his cell phone the entire hour we were there. Without a phone in hand, and not saying a word, his wife gazed across the table at him. There was utter silence except for the children. Later, as we headed north through the pouring rain and the rush hour traffic, Diana’s comment was, “One-day, not too long from now, that man will look up from his phone and his family will be gone. And they won’t be coming back.”
  2. Regarding the sheer political-hackery of another state-level Oregon Republican Party-sponsored recall-Kate-Brown attempt, here’s the first post I did about the initial recall petition, back in mid-July:

    Here’s another post, from last week, about the proposed second attempt:

  3. In the never-ending effort to discredit me personally, the rumor is still being generated that I stole the Oregon Republican Party’s email mailing list prior to the ORP elections last February. Yet again, for the record, that is BS. Back in late 2018 we spent over $10,000 and expended thousands of volunteer hours to put our own list together. All via public records; county-by-county. Not one shred of our lists are based on any part of the ORP’s database.
  4. Trump landslide? You better believe it’s coming, and we need candidates in EVERY House district, not in just 75% of them as it was in 2018. The Trump coattail effect won’t work if we don’t have Republican candidates. We MUST remove the legislative super-majorities in the elections that are now 360 days away.