Editorial: Why Stop In Connecticut? by David Jaques

Here’s another spot-on editorial by David Jaques. “This is what happens when you stop teaching the next generation our heritage, our laws, and the true application of justice under a constitutional republic.”

Why Stop In Connecticut?

Editorial by David Jaques, Roseburg Beacon, 11/13/2019

The problem isn’t so much that the courts are even considering cases like the ones being led by the families of victims of the Newtown Connecticut shooting back in 2012. The problem lies with the plaintiffs themselves!

I admit it is bewildering that the Supreme Court of the United States failed to intervene and stop the madness, but the madness didn’t start with them, they are just part of its reflection.

Why aren’t the victims’ families instead suing the drug companies that are a much bigger contributor to the problem of deranged homicidal criminals, going on a shooting spree, than the manufacturer of the firearms they use as their tool of choice?

But even that would be to pass right over the only real culprit, the shooter! We have lost all sense of direct responsibility for our own actions.

I mean with this kind of rationale for blame shifting can we assume it will be safe to sue Doritos, Hostess, McDonalds, Pepsi, Starbucks, and anyone else who sells products which are proven to cause obesity? And why not open season on Jack Daniels, Budweiser, Coors, Gallo, and every other manufacturer, brewer, or distiller of alcohol products every time there is a drunk driving accident? But then it isn’t just the alcohol, lets sue Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Mazda, Honda, and anyone building cars that the drunks were operating at the time of the crash? NO! It was the idiot behind the wheel!

But if we are now going to allow Remington to be sued by these bereaved families, why stop in Connecticut? Let’s rip this wide open. All of the families of war victims should be able to sue the merchants of death that make all of the weapons and munitions and the systems that deliver them when raining death down upon unsuspecting victims. Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Vietnam, could all become plaintiffs with claims against the arms manufacturers.

I am very concerned about the courts. And even though President Trump has made great strides in his first three years in appointing federal judges (152 Article III federal judges), in third place overall of any president’s appointments at this point in year three of their administration (Only Bill Clinton and George W. Bush had more at 166 and 160 respectively), there’s a long, long ways to go in restoring judicial independence and integrity to the federal bench. But again the bench is just a reflection of the deterioration of our entire judicial system. Look at our Justice Department! The Deep State has been running things so long that it’s hard to even find a bench-mark for the bench the way it was and should be.

Our law schools have become so corrupted it is no wonder they are putting out lawyers and judges who have little or no understanding of our Constitution and its precepts.

And it is high time that the congress fulfill its duty to reign in the runaway judicial branch, mainly the Supreme Court. They absolutely have that authority.

If nothing else this current decision of SCOTUS to allow the lawsuits to go forward against Remington certainly highlights the urgency of re-electing Donald J. Trump so that he gets another 2 plus appointments to the high court. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Nothing will have a greater impact over the next several decades than the legacy left on the U.S. Supreme Court.

This is what happens when you stop teaching the next generation our heritage, our laws, and the true application
of justice under a constitutional republic. It’s time to make justice just again.

–David J